Wells Fargo Investment Institute - Speedboats and Battleships

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Speedboats and Battleships

Wells Fargo Investment Institute - January 2, 2020

Key Insights

  • Many “risky assets” ended 2019 near or above all-time highs, but we continue to caution investors not to become complacent.
  • While the prospect of modest global economic growth in 2020 exists, we see risks in the credit cycle that bear careful monitoring.
  • Navigating the eventual downturn in the credit cycle will highlight strategies that provide maneuverability and the ability to effect change within a capital structure.
  • We continue to prefer Hedge Fund strategies that generate returns that are not predicated on market direction. Within Private Capital, we focus on niche strategies and international diversification, with a preference for managers that have demonstrated abilities to navigate through market cycles.

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