Wells Fargo Investment Institute - A History of Money and Gold

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A History of Money and Gold

Wells Fargo Investment Institute - October 2, 2019

Key Insights

  • Today, money is not what it was 500, 50, or even 5 years ago. Did you know that only 11% of U.S. dollars sitting in checking accounts today has been printed?  Most money today is virtual, not physical.
  • History says that there is nothing wrong with this. Money is constantly changing. Humans have used everything from paper, to gold, to pepper, as money.
  • Few money forms survive time, though. Gold has been a rare exception.
  • Gold, for most of the past 3,500 years, has been revered as money, and a store of value, above everything else.
  • Can today’s virtual money system survive? It might be time to ask gold.

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