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Four Steps of Successful Investing

Wells Fargo Investment Institute - June 2020

Although the specific questions and concerns investors face may change over time, the timeless nature of uncertainty in investing is why we encourage investors to focus on the basics.

In the “Four Steps of Successful Investing” report, strategists with Wells Fargo Investment Institute recommend steps they believe investors should take to get ready for what may be ahead. The steps include:

  1. Start with a plan. Before doing anything, know yourself and your investment objectives and how to manage your emotions as circumstances change.
  2. Construct a portfolio. Determine the appropriate asset allocation – how your portfolio is diversified – to help you work toward your long-term goals.
  3. Globalize the portfolio. In addition to U.S. companies, make sure to consider appropriate levels of international investments.
  4. Maintain alignment to the plan. Due to life events and market activity, you should reevaluate your investments periodically to see if you need to make modifications.

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