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The markets

Keeping focused among sometimes volatile events

Despite the uncertainty of 2020, all major asset classes posted positive returns. That’s good news, and it holds a lesson. While the markets may be impacted by significant world events, it’s important to stay focused on pursuing your long-term goals.

Man running on a bridge

Ten things investors should know today

Issues we think are important to discuss with your advisor.

Issues to discuss

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In a volatile market, can you time investing? (video)

What strategies should investors consider amid rapid fluctuations?

Timing amid volatility

Detail of U.S. Treasury building

Paying America’s bills — What investors should know

How the U.S. government manages its finances can affect the market.

More on debt repayment

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Managing investments in an uncertain world (video)

Strategies to help your investments stay on track.

Staying on track

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What does a bear market mean to investors? (video)

Bear markets and how to think about investing during them.

Learn about bear markets