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Compare Ways to Invest in Mutual Funds

Fund features

Independently with a WellsTrade® brokerage account

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With guidance from a full-service brokerage account

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Designed for customers who want to:
Invest online independently with full access to the markets.
Work with an investment professional.
Investment products available
Mutual funds (including Wells Fargo Funds and mutual funds from other leading companies), stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds, options
Mutual funds, stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds, options, initial public offerings, unit investment trusts, annuities, foreign securities
Minimum account size
As low as $1,000, depending on the type of brokerage account
Account types
Retail brokerage, Traditional IRA, and/or Roth IRA accounts
Full-service brokerage
Account features
  • Online account viewing through
  • Development of a shared vision of your complete financial future using the Wells Fargo Advisors Envision® planning process
  • Investment advice on saving for retirement, funding your child’s education, growing your business, or planning your estate
  • A relationship with one of 15,000 financial advisors based in communities in all 50 states or a team of experienced phone-based financial advisors
  • The option to transfer funds to and from your bank account

Get unlimited $6.95 online stock and ETF trades (more than 20% savings when compared to the standard commission of $8.95) when you link your WellsTrade® online investment account is linked to your Portfolio by Wells Fargo® relationship., See all commissions and fees.

Fees vary. Full-service brokerage account fee schedule (PDF)*
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Looking for a managed portfolio?

Wells Fargo offers Managed Portfolio Solutions that may be right for your investment goals.
A pre-screened list of no-load mutual funds based on objective criteria to help make investment selection easier and available for purchase in a WellsTrade account