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WellsTrade Understanding Inflation Video

Transcript: Wells Fargo Presents: Understanding inflation

You know how Grandpa likes to tell you how he used to be able to go to the movies for a nickel? You know how it takes much more than a nickel to see a movie these days? That's inflation and it cannot be ignored. Simply put: Inflation is the idea that prices rise over time. And not just for movies. For most of the things we buy. Bread. Gas. Cars. Prices are always creeping upwards But what does that mean for you? Well, the more things cost, the less your money can buy. If that sailboat you'd like to purchase one day costs $80,000 now, it will cost $97,000 ten years from now. A problem if your money is not growing at the same or at an even higher rate than inflation. Which is why it's important to not let inflation sneak up on you. Be prepared by bracing for the possibility of rising costs in the future and also by investing in assets with the potential to grow faster than the current inflation rate. So, although you may not be able to control how much inflation rises, sorry grandpa, you should factor it into your investment plan.
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