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WellsTrade Stock and ETF Screeners Video

Transcript: WellsTrade Stock and ETF Screeners

See how Wells Fargo Advisors’ stock and ETF screener makes it simpler for you to do investment research.

STEVE: Focus, focus.
GARY: Wow. What’s going on, Steve-O?
STEVE: Just researching investments for my portfolio.
GARY: I'd go blue.
STEVE: No, no. I've got a system here. See, the red line connects to the, uh...
WENDY: You do know there's a better way to do investment research, right?
WENDY: I use the Wells Fargo Advisors stock screener.
STEVE: What's that?
WENDY: It's an online research tool that lets you search through thousands of stocks.
STEVE: OK, but how do you narrow it down?
WENDY: The screener makes it simpler to narrow down your choices. It's got over ninety filters you can use to find what you're looking for. You can stick to the basics... like market valuation, growth rates, and return... Or you can use the advanced screener to dig down into price history, trading volume, fundamentals, technical indicators, and analyst ratings.
What is this? ETF? I don't even remember what an ETF is.
WENDY: It stands for exchange-traded fund.
According to Wells Fargo Advisors, they're investment funds that are traded like stocks. They can add diversification and they tend to have low fees.
My Wells Fargo Advisors account's got a screener for that, too. And like the stock screener, you can stick to the basics or get as detailed as you want.
STEVE: Wow. Sounds like the screeners can really help you with your investment research.
WENDY: Yeah. Or you could do like that.

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