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WellsTrade Set Your Financial Goals Video

Transcript: WellsTrade Set Your Financial Goals

It’s often said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Well, that’s partly true. It really begins with establishing a goal of where you want to end up.
Not as poetic – but more likely to bring success.
And that’s true when embarking on a financial journey, as well. Setting a goal is your first step to achieving it.
And the steps are the same no matter the goal – from paying off loans to saving for retirement.
Your goal needs to be achievable, specific and measurable.
Maybe you want to buy a classic car from the year you were born in cash on your 40th birthday.
Next you need to identify into what time frame your goal falls –short, medium or long-term. This will help you focus on the appropriate investment or saving strategies for reaching your goal.
Finally, monitor your progress. Frequent check-ins ensure you are still on track and alert you to make changes if you are not.
By following these steps, you should find the path to achieving your financial goals much clearer.  And much more fun to drive down.
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