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WellsTrade Mutual Fund Screener Video

Transcript: WellsTrade Mutual Fund Screener

See how Wells Fargo Advisors’ mutual fund screener makes it easy for you to research and invest in mutual funds.

HUSBAND: Hey honey, whatcha doing?
WIFE: I'm trying to decide which mutual funds we should invest in.
HUSBAND: Investing in mutual funds is like picking a chocolate. They look pretty good from the outside, but you may not know what you’re getting on the inside.
WIFE: Actually, with a Wells Fargo Advisors account, we do know what we're getting. It's all right here.
The mutual fund screener makes it easy to sort through thousands of mutual funds based on our investment preferences. So we can find the options that are right for us.
HUSBAND: Why do I always get the pink filling that tastes like soap?!
WIFE: You've got to be more selective. It's like with investing, I'm not just going to pick a mutual fund at random... I'm going to use the research tools to zero in on exactly what I want. See, with the mutual fund screener, we can search by returns, Morningstar rating, risk, expenses... We can even narrow our search by asset class or fund family, depending on our investment objective.
HUSBAND: What if we still don't know what to look for?
WIFE: Well then we can use the express screeners. They're these handy lists of mutual funds to help make our investment selection easier. It's like me screening out all the flavors you don't like... so you can be confident in the choice you make.
HUSBAND: But I still don't know what I’m getting.
WIFE: If you look inside, you do.
HUSBAND: Ooh, butterscotch.
WIFE: With a Wells Fargo Advisors account, we can learn a lot about our options. Each fund has an in-depth profile with all kinds of information, including how it's performed in the past, its top holdings and fees, and other important details. vAnd if that’s not enough, the screener lets us compare funds side-by-side and save our searches so we can view them later. We can even purchase mutual funds right from the screener.
HUSBAND: Well, honey, it looks like you've got it all figured out.
WIFE: You know it. Hey, give me back my chocolates.

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