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Health Savings Account Investment Options

HSA Investment Options

Funds that meet your investment needs

If you’re interested in investing the money in your Health Savings Account (HSA), you have many options to choose from. Build a mutual fund portfolio that fits your investment time frame, financial goals, and risk tolerance.  View a list of available mutual funds and their performance, and research important details about each fund below.

Money Market Funds

Money Market Funds are generally considered appropriate for short-term goals. This investment choice may be appropriate for cash investors seeking a relatively stable and liquid investment vehicle.

Wells Fargo Advantage Cash Investment Money Market (S) – NWIXX

Fixed-Income or Bond Funds

Fixed-Income or Bond Funds can offer a range of choices along the risk/reward spectrum based on interest-rate sensitivity and credit quality. They also may provide diversification for stock-heavy portfolios and help offset stock-market volatility.

Wells Fargo Advantage Core Bond Fund (Admin) – MNTRX

Wells Fargo Advantage High Income Fund (Admin) – WFNDX

Asset Allocation Funds

Asset Allocation Funds may be appropriate for HSA investors seeking a diversified, one-fund strategy. These funds provide a well-diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, and cash in a single investment.

Wells Fargo Advantage Moderate Balanced Fund (Admin) – NVMBX

Wells Fargo Advantage Growth Balanced Fund (Admin) – NVGBX

Wells Fargo Advantage Dow Jones Target Today Fund (Admin) – WFLOX

Wells Fargo Advantage Dow Jones Target 2010 Fund (Admin) – WFLGX

Wells Fargo Advantage Dow Jones Target 2020 Fund (Admin) – WFLPX

Wells Fargo Advantage Dow Jones Target 2030 Fund (Admin) – WFLIX

Wells Fargo Advantage Dow Jones Target 2040 Fund (Admin) – WFLWX

Wells Fargo Advantage Dow Jones Target 2050 Fund (Admin) – WFQDX

Stock Funds

Stock Funds may be appropriate for investors seeking growth potential by investing in equity investments in a portfolio. These funds may experience fluctuations in their share prices. As a result, they may be appropriate for longer-term financial goals.

American Beacon Large Cap Value Fund (Inv) – AAGPX

Wells Fargo Advantage Index Fund (Admin) – WFIOX

Wells Fargo Advantage Diversified Equity Fund (Admin) – NVDEX

Wells Fargo Advantage Large Cap Growth Fund (Admin) – STDFX

Wells Fargo Advantage Growth Fund (Admin) – SGRKX

RidgeWorth Mid Cap Value Equity Fund (I) – SMVTX

Columbia Mid Cap Index Fund (A) – NTIAX

Wells Fargo Advantage Discovery Fund (Admin) – WFDDX

Goldman Sachs Small Cap Value Fund (I) – GSSIX

Delaware Small Cap Value Fund (I) – DEVIX

Dreyfus Small Cap Stock Index Fund – DISSX

Wells Fargo Advantage Small Company Growth Fund (Admin) – NVSCX

International and Specialty Funds

These funds include international markets and global technology investments to further diversify the equity portion of a portfolio. Please remember that foreign investments increase the fund’s risk profile and, as a result, may be appropriate for longer-term financial goals.

Wells Fargo Advantage Global Opportunities (Admin) – EKGYX

Wells Fargo Advantage Diversified International Fund (Admin) – WFIEX

Educational tools for investors

New to investing? These materials can help you plan, research, manage, and optimize your investment opportunities:

Wells Fargo Health Benefits Services does not provide investment advice or recommendations. Investors should consult a financial advisor for investment advice concerning their individual situations.

An investment in a money market fund is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency. Although the fund seeks to preserve the value of your investment at $1.00 per share, it is possible to lose money by investing in a money market fund.

Mutual fund investing involves risks, including the possible loss of principal, and may not be appropriate for all investors. Stock fund values fluctuate in response to the activities of individual companies and general market and economic conditions. Bond fund values fluctuate in response to the financial condition of individual issuers, general market and economic conditions, and changes in interest rates. In general, when interest rates rise, bond fund values fall and investors may lose principal value. Funds that concentrate their investments in a single industry may face increased risk of price fluctuation over more diversified funds due to adverse developments within that industry. Foreign investments are especially volatile and can rise or fall dramatically due to differences in the political and economic conditions of the host country. These risks are generally intensified in emerging markets. Smaller and mid-cap company stocks tend to be more volatile and less liquid than those of larger companies. High-yield securities have a greater risk of default and tend to be more volatile than higher-rated debt securities. Consult a fund’s prospectus for additional information on these and other risks.

This website is accompanied by prospectuses for Wells Fargo Advantage Funds®.