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Tax-Deferred Savings With an Annuity

Enjoy tax-deferred savings and principal protection with an annuity

If you’re seeking additional tax-deferred savings before retirement or if you’ve maxed out your 401(k) plan or Individual Retirement Account (IRA), consider how an annuity offered by Wells Fargo Advisors can provide you a guaranteed, steady income stream for life. Want to know more? Learn more about annuities. If you’re also looking for a reliable, consistent monthly income stream in retirement, learn more about guaranteed lifetime income with an annuity.


An annuity with guaranteed lifetime income can offer benefits that are unique against other retirement savings vehicles. Among them: additional security during retirement, dependable supplemental income, inflation protection and portfolio diversification. Find out if a tax-deferred annuity is right for you.

Myths and Facts

When it comes to any retirement product, it’s important to get your facts straight. There are plenty of myths about annuities: Some say they’re too expensive or for only certain types of investors.

Tax-Deferred Savings FAQ

You’ll have more questions, and we’re ready with answers. Check our FAQ first, and for more detail, contact one of our Wells Fargo retirement advisors.

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If you think a tax-deferred annuity is right for you, learn more about the various types of annuities available. To learn more, review this helpful annuity comparison and discuss with a Wells Fargo retirement advisor.