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Why Choose Wells Fargo for Your Annuity?

Wells Fargo is one of America’s top-ranked annuity providers

As one of America’s leading annuity providers, Wells Fargo can help you reach your vision of retirement. Knowing what you want your retirement to be requires a personalized financial strategy – not just to get you there, but to enjoy an income that supports your lifestyle. It’s our job to match your priorities with a plan to achieve them.

We select our annuity partners carefully

Wells Fargo uses a rigorous review process to select annuity companies. We carefully examine third-party research and rating agency reports that provide regular updates on each annuity carrier’s financial strength. We review each carrier’s products and service capabilities to provide you access to the top-tier annuity providers in the industry.

By partnering with a select group of reliable annuity companies, Wells Fargo provides you flexibility and choice. And because we can offer more annuity options, you can find and customize an annuity to suit your own particular investment and retirement situation.

An experienced financial advisor will guide you

Because an annuity is a complex financial investment, a Wells Fargo Advisors financial advisor will work with you to select the right annuity to complement your overall investment portfolio. Our financial advisors bring the knowledge you need to help you protect and manage a lifetime of accumulated assets. Your advisor will explain in clear terms the role annuities can play in your portfolio and help you determine what annuity features make the most sense for you.

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