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Guaranteed Lifetime Income With an Annuity

Create a consistent monthly income stream that can help keep up with inflation

Looking for a way to convert your hard-earned assets into a reliable, consistent, and guaranteed income stream when you retire? An annuity with a guaranteed lifetime income can be an important part of your retirement income plan, providing guaranteed income for a specific period of time or the rest of your life. Or, if you’ve maxed out your other tax-advantaged retirement savings options, you might consider the tax-deferred benefits of annuities.


An annuity with guaranteed lifetime income can offer benefits that may not be found in other retirement savings vehicles. It may supply additional security during retirement, dependable supplemental income, inflation protection, and portfolio diversification.

Myths and Facts:

It’s important to understand how annuities work to determine if one is right for you. Among the myths: Annuities are too expensive or they’re only for a certain type of investors. Here are the facts.

Guaranteed Income FAQ

You’ll have more questions about guaranteed income benefits, and we’re ready with answers. Check our FAQ first.

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Income Annuities

Income annuities may provide you with your highest amount of guaranteed income for life.

Variable Annuities with an Income Option

Variable annuities with a living benefit rider can give you the flexibility to plan for a set amount of income when you need it.