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Diversify Your Portfolio With an Annuity

Why diversifying your portfolio is important

Portfolio diversification is designed to help you get the benefits of investing while potentially limiting your risk exposure to a specific investment.

You can diversify your portfolio and potentially reduce your risk by strategically allocating your assets across different types of investments — such as stocks, bonds, and cash. You can also invest in different sizes of companies and industries within these categories.

Investing a portion of your retirement savings in an annuity adds an insurance element that allows you to build a lifetime income stream. While life insurance provides for your family if you die too young, an annuity can help ensure you have income if you outlive your investments.

How lifetime income from an annuity can help

By including guaranteed lifetime income with an annuity as part of your retirement portfolio, you are adding a guaranteed component to your overall holdings.

The combination of guaranteed lifetime income with the rest of your investment portfolio can help you generate the retirement income you need while reducing the risk of running out of income due to poor market performance.

Most lifetime income annuities sold by our firm represent less than 25% of our clients’ retirement portfolios. Some clients also choose to purchase a series of smaller lifetime income annuities over time, which allows them to lock in a variety of features and payout rates.

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