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Your Identity Video

Transcript: Taking Steps Against Identity Theft

Keep your identity yours.

In today’s digital world, every day seems to introduce a new way to keep your important information close – with your go-to apps and more.

And while having the world at your fingertips can make life easier, it may also put you and your personal information at higher risk of identity theft. That’s why the way you look after your information should keep up with the way you live your life.

No matter how you shop or what personal details you share, Wells Fargo has the tools to help you detect identity theft and avoid the stress that can come with it. After all, when someone steals your identity, it’s not like you can just go get a new one. In addition to 24/7 account fraud monitoring, Zero Liability protection, and added security chip technology, Wells Fargo offers the option of even more security with Identity Theft Protection. Monitoring the three major credit bureaus, it keeps a close eye on all of your personal information, even outside of your Wells Fargo accounts.

While there isn’t just one way to completely prevent identity theft, Wells Fargo Identity Theft Protection alerts you at the first sign of a potential problem — like a spike in your credit usage or a new account being opened in your name. You’ll even be notified if a new address is listed on your credit report so you can ensure your information is accurate and up-to-date. And, should your identity be compromised, you’re not in it alone. A dedicated team of Resolution Specialists will be there, ready to help you recover quickly.

It’s peace of mind everyone deserves. Rest easy and enjoy the confidence that comes with Wells Fargo Identity Theft Protection. Purchase online today.