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Find Requested Documents

If you have already applied for a loan, Wells Fargo may request additional documents from you as your application is processed. Learn more here about the documents requested and access downloadable forms needed to complete the application process.

Avoid Delays in Processing your Loan

For every document, to avoid common submission mistakes, please be sure to:
  • Make sure the copies you send are legible.
  • Do not include documents that have whiteout or other alterations.
  • Submit the entire requested document and include all pages (even blank ones).
Alien registration certification
Alternative credit references
Appraisal value
Articles of incorporation
Asset statement(s)
Assignment of lease
Assumption agreement
Authorization for payoff letter
Bank deposit slip
Bank statement(s)
Bill of sale
Birth certificate
Brokerage statement(s)
Builder's certification
Builder's warranty
California escrow agreement
Cancelled check(s)
Cash out explanation letter
Certificate of deposit
Certificate of occupancy
Commitment letter for secondary financing
Common use driveway
Conservator agreement
Contract for deed
Conveyance deed
Counseling checklist for military homebuyers
Court order
Credit counseling documentation
Credit explanation
Credit report inconsistencies
Death certificate
Deed transfer
Deposit slip
Derogatory credit explanation
Discharge papers
Divorce decree
Driver's license
Employee business expense
Employment contract
Employment verification
Energy efficient construction certification
Environmental hazard notice
Executed note for second mortgage
Existing subordinate financing
Explanation of delinquent credit
Explanation of inquiries on credit report
Federal tax return
FHA amendatory clause
FHA documents
FHA fee appraiser inspection
Financial hardships explanation
Financial statements
Flood insurance
Form I-94
Foster care contract
Foundation certification
Gift funds
Green Card
Guardianship agreement
Hazard insurance
Heating certification
HOA documentation
Home Owners Association documentation
Homebuyer education completion certification
Homeowner's insurance
HUD-1 settlement statement
HUD-92900 addendum
Incorporation articles
INS form I-94
Inspection certification
Insurance – flood
Insurance – hazard
Insurance – homeowner's
Insurance – life
Insurance – wind
Intent to occupy
Interest rate disclosure
Interest rate reduction refinance agreement
IRS 1065
IRS 1099
IRS 2106
IRS 4506-T
Judicial decree (no documents)Land trust rider
Large deposit explanation
Lease agreement
Lease assignment
Lease with option to buy agreement
Leasehold Agreement
Legal separation agreement
Lender statement
Letter from employer
Letter of explanation
Letter of intent to occupy
Lien release
Life insurance
Line-of-credit freeze letter
List of business debts
Loan note
Marriage certificate Notice of special flood hazard Occupancy certificate
Partnership agreement
Pay check
Pay stub
Payment history
Payoff statement
Pension income
Pest inspection
Plan for saving closing funds
Power of attorney
Private road
Profit and Loss (P&L) statement
Promissory note
Property survey
Property tax statement
Published value
Purchase agreement
Purchase contract
Quit claim deed Real Estate schedule
Rebuild letter
Receipt of a final Truth in Lending disclosure
Release of lien
Relocation benefits
Rent with option to buy agreement
Rental agreement
Request for tax transcript
Request to waive rescission period
Required repair inspection
Retirement account
Retirement income
Savings bond
Schedule A
Schedule B
Schedule C
Schedule D
Schedule E
Schedule F
Schedule K-1
Schedule of Real Estate
School transcript
Secondary financing letter
Secured loan note
Self-employment verification
Separation agreement
Septic inspection
Shared well agreement
Signed document(s)
Signed FHA/VA document(s)
Significant increases in bank or brokerage statements
Social Security card
Social Security income
Source of funds
Statement of explanation
Statement of occupancy
Stock certificates
Structural inspection
Student loan deferral letter
Sub-lease agreement
Subordinate financing
Tax form - 1040/1040EZ
Tax form - IRS 1065
Tax form - IRS 1099
Tax form - IRS 2106
Tax liens
Tax return - corporate
Tax return - federal
Title insurance
Title report
Trust account
Trust agreement
Trust certificate
Trust documents
Trustees statement
Tuition statement
(no documents)
VA benefits verification
VA certificate of eligibility
VA documents
VA questionnaire form
Verification documentation
Verification of employment
Verification of self-employment
Voluntary escrow payment designation form
Warranty deed
Water inspection
Wind damage insurance
Windstorm and hail damage insurance
Wire transfer confirmation
Withdrawal statement
Written explanation
Written request to rescind (cancel)
(no documents)
(no documents)(no documents)1003 loan application
Equal Housing Lender