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Signed Documents

Throughout the loan process, customers may receive requests for a variety of signed documents to verify receipt of information or of the customer’s wishes or intention, or explanations of special situations.

These document requests may include, but are not limited to:

  • Receipt of signed disclosures
  • A written request to rescind (cancel)
  • Statement of occupancy
  • Voluntary escrow payment designation form
  • California escrow agreement
  • Handwritten request to waive rescission period
  • Explanation, signed and dated, of inquiries on credit report
  • Cash-out explanation letter
  • Large deposit explanation
  • Letter of intent to occupy (for FHA loans, this will not be requested)
  • Explanation, signed and dated, of reasons for credit delinquencies
  • Executed note for second mortgage
  • Notice of special flood hazard

Avoid delays in processing your application

For all documents you’re asked to provide:

  • Make sure the copies you send are legible.
  • Do not include documents that have been altered with correction fluid or by other means.
  • Submit the entire requested document and include all pages (even blank ones).

For this document:

  • Verify that you are sending signed documents.