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Gift Funds (Gift Letter)

Gift funds are money given to you as a gift. Information about gift funds is used to verify that the funds are coming from an appropriate source and in an appropriate manner. Appropriate sources are typically relatives, a fiancé or fiancée, or a domestic partner. A gift from any other source may be considered an inducement to purchase and may require a reduction in the sales price.

You will be asked to complete a gift-letter document, a copy of which is completed for each individual gift. Be sure to include the following information on the document:

  • Donor’s name and mailing address including the street, city, state, and ZIP code
  • Donor’s telephone number, including area code
  • Amount of gift
  • Verification of the transfer of gift funds
  • Recipient (must be you)
  • Your relationship to the donor
  • Subject property's address including the street, city, state, and ZIP code
  • Location of funds, either customer’s or donor’s account; depository name, address, and account number
  • Donor’s and your signatures

Avoid delays in processing your application

For all documents you’re asked to provide:

  • Make sure the copies you send are legible.
  • Do not include documents that have been altered with correction fluid or by other means.
  • Submit the entire requested document and include all pages (even blank ones).

For this document

  • Complete the entire gift-letter document.
  • Send a separate gift-letter document for gifts from different individuals.