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Financial Statements

Profit-and-loss statement

Verifies self-employment or independent-contractor income by providing your tax returns, a detailed financial statement, balance sheet, and up to 1 year’s worth of profit-and-loss statements. These documents cannot be prepared by an immediate relative, and may need to be prepared by a certified public accountant.

A copy of a recent business license or other proof that a business exists also may be required.

Download profit-and-loss statement (PDF)

Download instructions for completing profit-and-loss statement (PDF)

Household expenses and debts

Provides details about the expenses and loan payments you’re responsible for every month. You may need to show receipts or other documentation to confirm certain expenses.

Download household expenses and debts form (PDF

Tips for a smoother application process

  • Make sure documents are clear and legible.
  • Don't alter any pages (no strikethroughs, cross-outs, etc.).
  • Send all pages, even the blank ones.