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Employment Verification Form (Verification of Employment)

You may be asked to sign and return a Verification of Employment form. This form provides details about your current and previous employment history, including duration and income. By signing the form, you authorize Wells Fargo to obtain verification of your employment details from your employers.

Your representative will instruct you on which of the following forms you should use.

Home Mortgage

Use this form for home mortgage application needs.
Download the verification of employment for home mortgages (PDF)

Home Equity Line of Credit or Home Equity loans

Use this form for home equity application and processing needs.
Download the Fannie Mae verification of employment for home equity lines of credit (PDF)

Avoid delays in processing your application

For all documents:

  • Make sure the copies you send are legible.
  • Do not include documents that have been altered with correction fluid or by other means.
  • Submit the entire requested document and include all pages (even blank ones).

For this document:

  • Make sure you sign and date the form before sending.