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Cancelled Check(s)

A cancelled check constitutes documentation that money was available in the account of a check issuer to fund a transaction for which the check was issued. Copies of cancelled checks may be requested for a number of reasons, including:

  • Asset verification, such as proceeds from a sale
  • Timely rental payments

Avoid delays in processing your loan

For all documents:

  • Make sure the copies you send are legible.
  • Do not include documents that have been altered with correction fluid or by other means.
  • Submit the entire requested document and include all pages (even blank ones).

For this document

  • Submit cancelled checks for the required period (e.g., six months, 12 months, etc.).
  • Be sure that cancelled checks for mortgage payments:
    • Are legible copies.
    • Identify the mortgage servicer (or mortgage holder) as the payee.
    • Indicates that the mortgage servicer or holder endorsed the check for deposit and shows the date of that endorsement.