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What Are Feed Readers?

Feed readers (or aggregators) are simple programs that, much like Web browsers allow you to see Web pages, let you subscribe to and read your favorite sites’ web feeds.

The readers are often free or are inexpensively priced. They are available as software that you download and as online readers. Feed readers that run on your own computer may integrate into a program that you already use, such as Microsoft Outlook or the Firefox browser. Feed readers are set up to check periodically for new items in the feeds you are subscribed to, usually once every hour. The content comes to you, rather than you having to go to the content. When you visit the reader's home page, you'll see a list of new items from the sites you've subscribed to. Usually, each item contains a title, summary, and a link to the full content.

You may want to try out several readers before deciding which you prefer. Each reader may have a different way of allowing you to sign up and add your feeds. Look for the "how to get started" content once you've chosen the reader you want to use.

List of feed readers (This list is provided as a convenience to you. Wells Fargo does not endorse any specific RSS reader.)