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Web Feeds and RSS

A web feed lets websites continuously "feed" you notices of their new content. RSS is simply a type of web feed. 

Rather than go to various websites to find the information you want, you can subscribe to feeds of your favorite sites using a feed reader. Your reader will list content titles and summaries, as well as provide links to the full content.

How Feeds Work

Say you're interested in the history of Wells Fargo. You could visit the "This Date in Wells Fargo History" page whenever you think of it to see if we have anything new, but you may also be interested in other historical facts. Depending on your interests you may have to visit several websites to get the information you want. By subscribing to a Web feed, you can conveniently get a feed from "This Date in Wells Fargo History" without having to go to, as well as catch up on all the history sites you're interested in without visiting each site.

Subscribe to "This Date in Wells Fargo History" by entering the feed's URL ( into the reader. See your reader's Help or FAQs for additional assistance.

Wells Fargo Podcasts

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