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Manage Your Personal Lines and Loans

Track your progress every step of the way.

a. Progress-at-a-Glance. Select a step within this section to review a summary of the progress you have completed against each milestone.

b. Progress alerts. Items that need your attention will be highlighted here, just below the “Progress-at-a-Glance” section.

c. Your To-Do List and Your Documents information tabs allow you to view details on select items, upload requested documentation, and read loan documents and next steps.

d. To-Do Items. Located below each of the information tabs, your tasks and the dates to complete each task are listed when you select “Show details.” 

e. Last update. Check this section to learn when information was last updated.

f. You have applied for: section provides an overview of your loan type, amount, interest, and closing details.

g. Enable Text Updates section lets you set up, manage, and receive mobile text updates about your application status.

h. Submit Documents section provides information about how to fax or upload asked-for documents.

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Screenshot of Manage Your Application Status page features. A: Progress-at-a-Glance, B: Progress Alerts, C: Your Next Steps and Your Documents information tabs, D: To-Do Items, E: Last Update, F: You Have Applied For, G: Enable Text Updates, H: Submit Documents