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Real Time Payments through the RTP® Network FAQs

What is an RTP payment?

It is a payment sent through the RTP network that provides real-time funds availability to the recipient.

Funds from an RTP payment will typically be made available to your account within seconds, 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays.

When are the funds from an RTP deposit available in my account?

When you receive a payment through the RTP network, the available balance updates immediately. The funds are typically available in the account as soon as Wells Fargo receives the transaction.

Wells Fargo Online customers may need to refresh the account summary page to get the most current available balance on the account.

Who can send an RTP payment?

The sender who originates the payment must have an account with a financial institution that offers the capability to send payments through the RTP network. Wells Fargo does not currently offer the capability to send an RTP payment.

How do I know who sent the RTP payment?

The name of the business or person who sent the payment appears in the transaction description. Special characters (like dollar signs or dashes) may not appear on the description.

What is the difference between Zelle® and RTP payments?

Both Zelle and RTP payments are considered real-time payments. Real-time transactions cannot be stopped or cancelled once they are submitted.

Zelle is designed for customers to send money to other people they know and trust. Zelle uses a mobile phone number or email address as an option to identify the recipient.

The RTP network is a separate system operated by The Clearing House that allows senders to use the routing number and checking or savings account number of the recipient’s bank account.