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Text Banking Questions

How does text banking work?

Once you’re signed up, you can text us to quickly get account information without signing on. Just send one of our commands to 93557 (WELLS) to automatically receive account information, account activity, and more in seconds.

For example: Need to check your available balance while waiting in line to make a purchase? Text BAL ALL to 93557 and we'll automatically reply with your account balances in seconds.

What number should I send texts to?

Text commands to us at 93557 (WELLS). Please add this number to your mobile contact list for easy access.

How is text banking secure?

Text banking is secure because:

  • You view accounts by nicknames you set, not account number.
  • No detailed personal information sent.
  • Text banking won’t send unsolicited text messages.

What are the text banking commands?

  • ACT: View account activity on your primary account. To view account activity of another account, include the account nickname. Example: ACT VISA
  • BAL: Receive the balance of your primary account. To receive the balance of another account, include the account nickname. Example: BAL SAV
  • BAL ALL: Receive the balance of all your enrolled accounts
  • COM: Receive a list of all text banking commands
  • DUE: View information for your credit card account(s)
  • TRA: Transfer funds between your Wells Fargo Checking and Savings accounts and to your Wells Fargo Credit Card
  • HELP: Get Wells Fargo contact information
  • STOP TEXT: Disable text banking

Will text banking work on my phone?

Text banking requires a mobile carrier that supports text messaging. Check with your carrier for details about text messaging charges.

Does my mobile carrier support text banking?

Text banking is supported by many carriers; however, some pre-paid plans do not support text banking. Check with your individual carrier to confirm availability. 

Are text commands case-sensitive?

No, commands can be sent in lowercase (bal) or all capital letters (BAL).

What should I do if I get a new phone number?

If you have a new mobile number, make sure to update your contact information.