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How do I set up, add, or delete alerts?

  • Sign on to Wells Fargo Online® and go to Manage Alerts.
  • Choose an account for which you want to add or edit alerts.
  • Check the boxes to select or de-select specific alerts.
  • Enter dollar thresholds and frequency of alerts where appropriate.
  • Save your edits.

What do I do if my mobile number changes?

If your mobile number changes:

  1. Sign on to access Update Contact Information.
  2. Enter your new mobile number, and check the box to enroll it for text messages.
  3. Accept the Consent to receive text messages.
  4. Reply YES ENROLL to the text we send to your mobile phone from the Wells Fargo shortcode 93557.
  5. Go to Manage Alerts to subscribe to text alerts for your new mobile number.

Note: Removing or editing an existing number may interrupt other services currently associated with that number.

Why did I receive a credit card alert today for a transaction that happened on a different day?

Occasionally you will receive an alert for a transaction which you made several days before. The most common reason this can happen is a merchant delay in processing your transaction. For non-urgent types of alerts, Wells Fargo processes the transaction information sent by merchants on a nightly basis. An alert is then sent to you the next business day.

What are Push Notifications?

Push Notifications are for Wells Fargo Online® customers who have an Apple® or AndroidTM device (phone or tablet) and the Wells Fargo Mobile® app installed. Signing up for push notifications, allows you to receive “push” versions of some online banking alerts or one time passcodes for authentication purposes.

Is there a fee for the alerts service?

No. This is a no-fee service to all Wells Fargo Online customers. However, your mobile carrier’s message and data rates may apply.

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Top Questions

Which devices are compatible with Apple Pay®?

You can use Apple Pay on eligible iOS devices and operating systems. For a list of compatible devices and required operating systems, see Apple Support.

How do I add my Wells Fargo cards to Apple WalletTM?

There are two ways to add your Wells Fargo cards to Apple Wallet, through the Wells Fargo Mobile® app or directly through the Apple Wallet. To learn how to add your eligible Wells Fargo cards directly through the Apple Wallet, see the Apple Pay instructions.

How to add your cards through the Wells Fargo Mobile app (iPhone)

  1. In your Wells Fargo Mobile app, tap Menu in the bottom bar, select Card Settings, then tap Digital Wallet.
  2. All eligible digital wallets will display. Tap Apple Pay.
  3. All eligible cards will display. Tap the Add to Apple Wallet button next to the card you would like to add. Follow any additional instructions to verify and activate your card. Your card is now ready for use with Apple Pay.

How do I set my Wells Fargo card as my default card in Google PayTM?

The first card you add to Google Pay will be the default card for in-store payments. To make your Wells Fargo card your default card, simply tap the Wells Fargo card you prefer to make default and turn on Default for in-store purchases. You can also easily switch between cards whenever you make a purchase.

Can I add multiple Wells Fargo cards to Samsung Pay?

Yes, you can add up to 10 cards to Samsung Pay. You can easily switch between cards whenever you make a purchase. Devices, including the Gear smartwatch, do not share cards, so if you would like to use the same card on two different devices, you will need to add the card on each device separately.

Does Wells Fargo charge anything to use a digital wallet?

No. Wells Fargo does not charge a fee for customers to use a digital wallet. However, your mobile carrier's message and data rates may apply.

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