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Personal Loan Help

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Top Questions

What information do I need to provide to apply for a loan?

To complete an application, please refer to the Application Checklist.

How much can I apply for?

We offer two personal loan products that may meet your needs. Visit the Personal Credit Comparison Table to compare loan amount options.

What loan terms are available?

Personal Loans:

  • 12 – 36 months for loans under $5,000.
  • 12 – 84 months for loans of $5,000 or more.

CD/Savings Secured Loans:

  • May extend up to 120 months.

What are your current interest rates?

Please use our Rate and Payment Calculator to estimate current interest rates.

How long does it take to receive a credit decision?

You could have a credit decision in as little as a few minutes, but some decisions may take longer depending on your circumstances.

For most applications, you will be able to track your application status using our yourLoanTrackerSM if you share your email address with us at the time of application.

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Top Questions

How do I start the private student loan process?

Start by entering your information to find out which private student loan meets your needs. You can also learn more about the process by reading Student Loans Step by Step.

What do I need to apply for a private student loan?

To receive a private student loan you will need to apply through a private lender, such as Wells Fargo. Here's what you’ll need to apply.

How do I make a payment?

You have various options for making payments on a Wells Fargo private student loan, including paying online, by phone at 1-800-658-3567, by mail, or at a Wells Fargo location. Learn more about student loan payment options.

What if I miss a payment or make a late payment?

If a payment is missed or is paid late, no late fee will be assessed, however:

  • Additional interest will accrue resulting in a higher total cost of repaying the loan. (see: How does the date my payment is received impact my loan)
  • The loan may be reported to the consumer reporting agencies as past due. Delinquencies are reported for each individual loan, whether loans are combined in a single billing statement or billed separately.
  • It may prevent or delay the ability to qualify for cosigner release.

We are committed to helping you successfully repay your student loan(s). Options may exist that could help you repay your loan(s). If you are having difficulty making payments, please call us at 1-800-658-3567.

Will I need a cosigner?

A student that meets our income and credit history requirements may qualify on his or her own without a cosigner. A cosigner is not required in order to apply. However, a cosigner may potentially help you qualify for the loan or get a lower interest rate.

Undergraduate students typically may need to apply with a creditworthy cosigner in order to meet our income and credit history requirements. Graduate students can often qualify on their own without income.

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