General Questions

What types of questions can my video consultant help me with?

Video consultants can help you find the right home equity solution help determine the best financing option to help you reach your goals. Consultants may also help you understand our Home Equity products and answer your pre-application questions or concerns.

Can a video consultant provide my application status or account information?

No, video consultants are not equipped to provide application or account information at this time. For assistance, please contact home equity loan and line customer service at 1-866-820-9199.

Why are video consultants unavailable and what are your hours of operation?

Our video consultants are either assisting other customers or you are attempting to reach them outside of their normal operating hours. You may check back later or call home equity financing at 1-888-667-1772.

Is my information secure?

Yes, Wells Fargo video transmissions are encrypted to protect your privacy. Alternatively, you may call home equity financing at 1-888-667-1772.

Do I need a high-speed Internet connection to make video calls?

Yes, to make and receive video calls you need a high-speed Internet connection.

What are your system requirements to make video calls?

A Windows or Macintosh-based system with a microphone is required to make video calls. A Webcam is required if you want the consultant to see you.

Please note: Depending on your browser and system settings, you may need to install a plugin, and/or adjust your browser settings to allow media access for your camera and microphone.

Before You Video Call a Consultant

What if I do not want the consultant to see me?

By default, you are not visible to our video consultant.  You control whether or not you want to make your video feed available to them.  By default, our video consultant will be visible to you.

Why do I need to install a plugin to video call a consultant?

Certain browsers require extra software to connect with our video consultants. The plug-in enables you to interact with your video consultant on the computer. If you do not wish to install the plug-in, you may call home equity financing at 1-888-667-1772.

Do video consultants speak languages other than English?

No, currently our video consultants only provide support in English. For multilingual support, you may call home equity financing at 1-888-667-1772.

What information should I have available for reference during the call?

That will depend on your question, but generally you will need to know the value of your home, how much you owe against it, and how much you want to borrow and the purpose of the funds.  This will help determine the lending options available to you.

Support During Your Video Session

I cannot see or hear my video consultant?

Please check to ensure your system volume is unmuted and tuned to the highest setting.

Tip: Ensure the appropriate device is selected (e.g., your headphones or Bluetooth headset) prior to joining your video call.

Why can’t my video consultant hear or see me?

A warning or pop-up will appear on your browser to enable Wells Fargo to access your system’s microphone. Ensure your microphone is enabled and turned on.

How do I use the softphone to interact with my consultant?

Using the softphone to video call a consultant is convenient and intuitive:

  • To mute your microphone, select the left-most button.
  • To enable your Webcam for the video consultant to see you, select the second button to the left.
  • To disconnect your video call, select the center, hang-up button.
  • To see what your video consultant sees, select the right most button.

Can I call my video consultant instead?

Yes, when you are in a video call with your consultant, ask if you may call them instead. Based on circumstances, the video consultant may or may not provide his or her contact information.

After Your Call Ends

The video consultant did not solve my problem. Who can I contact?

Please contact a home equity financing consultant at 1-888-667-1772.