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Purchasing Wells Fargo Visa® Gift Card Questions

Frequently asked questions about individual gift cards are listed below. If you’re interested in purchasing 10 or more gift cards, please use our bulk order process.

You must have a Wells Fargo Debit Card or Credit Card to purchase Wells Fargo Visa Gift Cards online.

Top five frequently asked questions

Where can I buy a Wells Fargo Visa Gift Card?

If you have a Wells Fargo checking or savings account, you can buy nonpersonalized gift cards in most Wells Fargo stores. You can also purchase a gift card online with your Wells Fargo Debit Card or Wells Fargo Credit Card.

If you want to buy more than 10 gift cards, please read our bulk order questions

If you are a resident of Vermont or are purchasing a gift card for a resident of Vermont, you will not be able to purchase an individual Wells Fargo Visa Gift Card. Effective 3/25/12, Wells Fargo is no longer selling gift cards in the state of Vermont.

What types of payment do you accept?

At Wells Fargo stores we accept: 

  • Electronic debit of your Wells Fargo checking or savings account. 
  • Cash.
  • Wells Fargo Credit Cards. (Note: An in-store credit card purchase will be treated as a cash advance and a fee may apply.) 

Online we accept Wells Fargo Debit Cards and Wells Fargo Credit Cards. No cash advance fee applies.

How much does a gift card cost?

In addition to the amount of the gift card, there is a purchase fee:

  • At Wells Fargo stores. $3.95 per card, regardless of quantity
  • Online. $3.95 per card, plus $1.50 per card shipping and handling 
  • Online for bulk orders (10 or more cards). $2.50 per card, plus shipping and handling (see bulk order questions for details)

Is there a limit to the amount I can load onto a single gift card?

At a Wells Fargo store, you can purchase gift cards in whole dollar amounts from $10 up to $500.

Online, you can purchase gift cards in whole dollar amounts from $25 up to $500. However, Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®) customers may purchase gift cards up to $1,000 in value.

How many gift cards can I purchase online?

You can purchase up to five Visa gift cards per online session. Note that there is a $1,500 daily limit per funding source (for example, from a Wells Fargo account) and a $2,500 monthly limit per funding source.

To purchase more than five gift cards, you can:

  • Purchase the cards in multiple online order sessions (as long as you do not exceed the dollar limits noted above).
  • Use the bulk order process using a Wells Fargo checking or savings account. (Funding source limits noted above do not apply to bulk gift card orders.)

Additional questions

What if I need to purchase 10 or more gift cards?

We recommend that you use the bulk order process if you need to purchase 10 or more cards. The bulk purchase price is lower than the purchase price in a Wells Fargo store.

If you do not have time to place a bulk order, please call your local Wells Fargo store  to see if they have the necessary gift card inventory and staffing to handle your request. They may ask you to come in at a specific time that will allow them to best facilitate your request.

Read our bulk order questions for full details.

What should I do if I have trouble purchasing a Visa gift card online?

Be sure to check the following: 

  • Three-digit code. Verify that the three-digit code on the signature panel on the back of your Wells Fargo debit card or credit card is the same as the one you are entering on your order form. 
  • Address. Make certain that you are not entering a P.O. Box address for either your own address or that of the card recipient. 

Please note that some entities restrict the use of Wells Fargo corporate credit cards or company purchasing cards to purchase items such as gift cards, travelers cheques, and cash advances.

If you still have problems, call the toll-free number on the back of your credit or debit card. You may want to ask about the following potential issues:

  • Card expiration date. Does the expiration date on your card match the date in their system? 
  • Billing address. Does the address you entered on the gift card order form match the billing address they have in their system?
  • Three-digit code. Does the three-digit code you entered match the code in their system? It may be worn and hard to read, which may cause you to incorrectly enter the information on your order form.

Can I cancel my online order once it’s completed?

While you may cancel any time during the ordering process, you cannot cancel an order once it has been submitted.

How long does it take to receive a gift card?

Your gift card should arrive within 7 to 10 business days. If the gift card has not arrived within two weeks, please call us, toll-free at 1-877-855-8719.

Is the gift card sent to the recipient or to me?

We can send gift cards by mail for gift cards with values less than $100 to either the recipient or the purchaser. For your protection, gift cards with a value of $100 or greater can be mailed only to the gift card purchaser.

Can I send a gift card to anyone in the United States?

Yes, the gift card can be mailed to anyone within the United States, except Vermont. However, we do not send gift cards to P.O. Boxes, APO or FPO addresses, or any international mailing addresses.

Can I give a gift card to someone under the age of 18?

Yes, you can give a gift card to anyone of any age.

What comes with the gift card package?

The gift card arrives affixed to instructions on how to use it; and the package includes the gift giver’s name, the gift amount, and a personal message.

Can I add a personalized message on my gift card?

Yes. For online purchases, you may select a limited personal message that will be embossed on the front of the gift card.

Can I notify someone that I purchased a gift card for them?

Yes. If you enter the email address of your recipient before completing your online order, we will send an email informing them that your gift card is on its way. Purchases made at a Wells Fargo store do not have this email notification option.

Can gift cards be resold?

No, they cannot. Resale of gift cards is prohibited.