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Wells Fargo Visa® Gift Card Bulk Order Questions

Top 5 frequently asked questions

How do I order Wells Fargo Gift Cards in bulk?

  • Wells Fargo small business and consumer customers can place orders via the online bulk gift card order process.
  • Wells Fargo departments can order via the AU ordering site; see Gift Cards: AU Orders on the Teamworks A – Z site list.

    Note: Commercial and institutional customers can sign on to the Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®) portal to order Recognition Cards, which are non-reloadable prepaid cards that can be used at any merchant where Visa prepaid debit cards are accepted.  For more information about Recognition Card, refer to CEO Help.

Is there a minimum and maximum order size?

There is no minimum order size, but if you are buying fewer than 10 cards it’s less expensive to buy them through our non-bulk online order process.

There is also no maximum order size, but orders over 5,000 cards may take several additional days to ship.

What denominations are available for bulk gift card orders?

You can purchase gift cards in bulk for any whole dollar amount from $25 to $500.

How can I pay for my bulk gift card order?

You must be a Wells Fargo customer with a Wells Fargo checking or savings account to place a bulk order. We accept direct debits from your Wells Fargo checking or savings account (business or personal). We cannot accept credit card payments for bulk orders. 

Wells Fargo departments can bill the cards to their AU.

What is the purchase and shipping price for bulk gift cards?

Purchase and shipping fees apply to bulk orders as follows: 

  • One to nine cards. $2.50 per card purchase fee and $25 per order shipping fee 
  • 10 to 74 cards. $2.50 per card purchase fee and $1.00 per card shipping fee 
  • 75 to 150 cards. $2.50 per card purchase fee and $0.50 per card shipping fee
  • 151 to 499 cards. $2.50 per card purchase fee and $0.25 per card shipping fee 
  • 500 or more cards. $2.50 per card purchase fee and $0.10 per card shipping fee

Orders and payments

Can I cancel or modify my bulk order after I place it?

No. Once you place an order, you cannot modify or cancel it. Please be sure to verify the information entered before you place your order. 

Be certain to place your order with sufficient lead time if you have a specific corporate event for which you need the gift cards.

Can unused gift cards be returned?

All gift card sales are final. You cannot return or exchange gift cards, nor can we refund bulk order purchases. For that reason, please consider the quantity of gift cards needed carefully.

Can gift cards be resold?

No, they cannot. Resale of gift cards is prohibited and is in violation of the Bulk Purchase Agreement.

Do the gift cards need to be activated?

Yes, the recipient of the gift card will need to activate the gift card by calling 1-877-855-8719 (toll-free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) from within the United States. He/she will need the 16-digit gift card account number and the three-digit code on the back of the card. The recipient will also receive his/her Personal Identification Number (PIN) upon card activation.

Processing and shipping

After I place my gift card order online, how soon will it be shipped?

Please allow at least a week for the processing and shipping of your bulk order. Orders over 5,000 cards and orders placed during November and December may take slightly longer. Gift cards ordered online for bulk delivery will be sent in one shipment to a physical address via FedEx. For your security, a signature is required for all deliveries of gift cards.

Can I receive my order faster?

No. Due to the high volume of orders, we do not have a way of expediting an individual bulk order. Please place your bulk order with sufficient lead time. If you need a small number of gift cards, you may purchase them at your local Wells Fargo store.

What notifications will I receive on the processing and shipping of my order?

After you submit your order, you will see a confirmation page that summarizes the details of your order. You will also receive an email confirmation immediately after you submit the order online (as long as you entered a valid email address and your spam filter does not block emails from

You will receive an email confirming that we have debited your account one to three business days after you submit the order, and you will also see the debit for the full purchase amount from your Wells Fargo account. This means that your order has been approved and is processing. If you do not see the debit to your account within this timeframe, it means that we have questions about your order and are trying to contact you via phone. Wells Fargo needs to verify the status and funds in your account before processing the order.

Once the order ships, you will receive an email with the FedEx tracking number for your order.

Will I receive a packing slip with my order?

Yes. Each shipment comes with a printed packing slip which has the gift card number of each card in the order along with its corresponding dollar value and sequence number within the order. Per the Bulk Order Purchase Agreement, the Purchaser must retain a copy of the packing slip with gift card numbers until the gift card expiration date. Purchaser is responsible for recording the names of the gift card recipients and the gift card number assigned to them.

Can I ship an order outside of the U.S. or to a P.O. Box?

No. Currently we cannot ship gift cards to addresses outside of the U.S. or to P.O. Boxes. We also can only ship the cards to the customer address associated with the account that is being debited.

Appearance and customization

How will the gift cards look when they arrive, and how are they packaged?

Each gift card is packaged in a white window envelope that contains the card and a card carrier that features the recipient group name, card dollar value, and the designated optional message. It also includes usage instructions and terms and conditions.

  • An activation sticker will be on the front of the card, and the recipients must activate their cards before they can use them.
  • The dollar value and sequence number display through the window of the envelope so it is easy to tell the cards apart if a variety of denominations are ordered.
  • The envelopes are unsealed so that the purchaser may insert other materials if desired.
  • All orders for less than 500 cards arrive in a single shipment no matter how many denominations were ordered; orders over 500 cards will arrive in more than one box. 
  • A packing slip is contained with each shipment and is described above.

Is customization available for bulk gift card orders?

Yes. Wells Fargo offers custom embossing, at no additional charge, for bulk orders.

  • Two lines are available, the first for the recipient group name (i.e., not individual names) and the second for an optional message.
  • Each line has a maximum of 19 characters (including spaces); alphanumeric characters (no special characters) can be used.
  • All alphabetic characters appear in upper case.

If a customer does not specify any custom embossing, all gift cards will read "GIFT RECIPIENT." 

Note that Visa regulations prohibit embossing certain text on the cards, such as advertising or promotional language, political statements, telephone numbers, provocative materials, branded products, or copyrighted materials. Purchaser is responsible for spell-checking all custom embossing.

When will my bulk gift cards expire?

The cards will be embossed with an expiration date seven years from the date they are purchased. Note that the funds underlying the cards never expire.