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Online Banking Enrollment Questions

How do I access my Wells Fargo accounts through Wells Fargo Online®?

Enroll in Wells Fargo Online® to view and manage your personal and business accounts securely online, anywhere or anytime you have internet access. After answering a few questions during the enrollment process, you'll have an opportunity to create a username and password.

Once you have created a username and password, you can sign on to Wells Fargo Online from your computer, smartphone or tablet to access all of your eligible Wells Fargo accounts. Once successfully enrolled, you will receive confirmation by email.

How do I access my accounts through Wells Fargo Mobile®?

Once you successfully enroll in Wells Fargo Online, you can use the same username and password to access your accounts online with your mobile device.

Download the Wells Fargo Mobile app for Android Phone, Android Tablet, iPhone® and iPad® mobile devices.

How do I get a username and password?

You will have an opportunity to create a username and password during the online enrollment process. Joint account holders can also enroll and will have their own distinct username and password.

Follow these guidelines to create a valid username and password that meets our security standards:

Your username:

  • Must be 6 to 14 characters, including at least one letter
  • Cannot contain 9 or more numbers
  • Must not contain special characters other than hyphens (-) or underscores (_)
  • Must be different than your password, ATM PIN, or Social Security number, and not easy for others to guess

Your password:

  • Must be 6 to 14 characters, including at least one letter
  • Cannot contain 9 or more numbers
  • Must be different than your username, ATM PIN, or Social Security number, and not easy for others to guess
  • Cannot repeat the same number or letter more than 3 times in a row
  • Cannot contain more than 3 sequential numbers or letters (such as '1234' or 'abcd') in a row

Password tips:

  • It's best not to use just a word or a name (consider adding a number or special character such as @, %, &, #)
  • You should change your password occasionally for added security
  • Memorize your password and never write it down or reveal it to anyone, including bank employees
  • Never let other people use your password

What kind of information do I need to provide during the enrollment process?

Social Security number. We use your Social Security number as part of our identification process because it is unique to each individual. We also use it to determine which accounts you are eligible to access. If you don't have a Social Security number, leave the field blank and check the box marked "I do not have an SSN."

Account number

  • Debit or ATM card number  - enter the 16 digit number straight from your ATM or debit card 


  • Account number  -  enter one account number from your open eligible Wells Fargo personal or business accounts, including: checking (including money market), savings (including market rate), CD (Time Account), credit card, mortgage, loan or line of credit (including home equity and commercial), auto loan, student loan, Brokerage, or Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Email address. Your email address is required and must be validated to ensure you can receive important information about your accounts.

To learn how we protect and use your information, read our privacy policies.

Is the enrollment process for business customers different?

If you are a business customer please enter your personal Social Security number (not your Employer Identification Number) so that we can identify you as an individual and verify your authorization for online access to the account number you enter. Upon verification of your identity and authority for Wells Fargo Online access, we will provide you online access to all eligible business accounts, provided you have proper signing authority on the account(s).

In addition, you will gain Wells Fargo Online access to any eligible personal Wells Fargo account for which you are an owner or joint-owner. Depending on the types of accounts you have and your relationship to these accounts, your accounts will appear in one or more views. After your Wells Fargo Online enrollment is complete, you will be able to select a username and password to sign on.

If you need additional assistance, please call 1-800-956-4442.

I just opened a new account but I don't see it through Wells Fargo Online. What should I do?

If you don't see all your eligible Wells Fargo accounts online, sign on to Wells Fargo Online, access Manage online settings through Profile and Settings in the More menu.

  • Eligible personal and business accounts include checking and savings, credit card, mortgage, home equity accounts, personal loans and lines of credit, commercial loans, business lines of credit, auto loans, student loans, brokerage, IRAs, and CDs (Time Accounts).
  • If you do not see the account you want to add in Add Accounts, please call 1-800-956-4442.

Is it safe to bank and pay bills through Wells Fargo Online®?

When you enroll for Wells Fargo Online, you create a unique username and password so you - and only you - can access your accounts. For over 160 years, Wells Fargo has been a leader in standards for account security. Today, we remain as committed as ever and utilize proven technology to protect your personal and financial information and your privacy. Learn more about how we protect you online.

We guarantee that you will be covered for 100% of the funds in your Wells Fargo account in the unlikely event that someone you haven’t authorized removes those funds through our Online Services, which includes Wells Fargo Mobile®. You are responsible for protecting your password and account information and for providing prompt notification of an unauthorized transaction. Additional terms and conditions apply.  Certain products are excluded.  Visit our Online Security Guarantee for more information.

Is there a charge to access my accounts through Wells Fargo Online?

There is no monthly or per transaction fee for accessing your account information or initiating transfers through your secure Wells Fargo Online session. However, if you choose to use Wells Fargo Online with Quicken®, there is a monthly fee of $3 for unlimited access and transfers. Read our Quicken frequently asked questions for more details.

Is there a charge to use Wells Fargo Online Bill Pay?

There's no monthly service fee to use Bill Pay.

Charges may apply for Wells Fargo Same Day Payments ServiceSM. Please refer to the Online Access Agreement for fees associated with our online services. Account fees (e.g. monthly service, overdraft) may apply to the Funding Account. For more information on the account fees, please refer to the account agreement you received when you opened your account.

Why do I need to validate my email address?

As a Wells Fargo Online user, you are required to maintain a valid email address with us to ensure you can receive important information about your Wells Fargo accounts and receive timely notices when your online documents are available.

How do I validate my email address?

  • You will receive an email from us with the subject line “Please complete your Wells Fargo Online enrollment.”  Follow the instructions in this email to return to Wells Fargo Online. You will be asked to enter the username and password you selected in the previous step and review and accept required agreements to complete your enrollment. You have 21 days to complete your enrollment.
  • If you can’t find the email that we sent you, sign on from the home page and select “Resend Email” from the Check Your Email screen presented.

How do I get an email address?

A number of internet service providers offer free email service, so you can set up an email address.