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Careers Questions

Searching for jobs

What is the best way to search for a job?

Create a narrow search or cast a wide net 

  • You can enter criteria in several fields to request a list of jobs that meet all of your requirements or only enter your top requirements and potentially increase your search results. Each keyword and filter you add will narrow down the list of results.

For best results

  • Be sure to enter information into the Keyword field or other search fields before clicking any of the filters on the left. If you apply filters before entering and submitting search field criteria, the previously selected filters will be removed and the displayed list of search results will not apply those filters.
  • We recommend using a targeted search. For example, if you want to work in Accounting, select “Accounting” within the Job Family filter category. Or, to do a broader search, enter “account*” in the Keyword search field to capture “accountant” and “accounting” (see the “Search Tips” linked from the main Job Search page). Then, use filters to narrow by location if you have a geographic preference for where you work.


  • Click "More Options" to use additional search fields, such as job opening ID, Desired Pay, or Telecommute Options.
  • You may enter search field criteria without applying any filters, or apply one or more filters without entering any search field criteria.
  • Filters within a given category are not multi-select and must be clicked individually.
  • Only the top 150 results, sorted by posted date, will display. If, your search yields more results than that, you will receive a message advising you to further narrow your search. The initial 150 job postings display, before applying any search criteria, randomly selected, and sorted by posted date.

Understand the search fields

  • Keywords. You can narrow your search by using keywords that match those in the job title, job description, or qualifications.
  • Job Opening ID. This is an identification number assigned to each job opening. If you sign up to receive email notifications of jobs matching your saved search criteria, the email notifications will contain links to Job Openings that match your criteria.
  • Desired Pay (under More Options). Job openings will be included in your search results if the salary amount you enter is within the job's pay range. Although jobs within the job’s pay range are shown as results, the pay range may or may not be visible in the job opening.
  • Telecommute Option (under More Options). Some jobs can be performed remotely or from any location. If you check the Telecommute Option checkbox, you will only see jobs for which this is an option. Definitions of this option will vary, and the absence of this designation may not rule out the possibility of working remotely. Any details regarding this option will be determined at the time of hire, and are subject to change.

Understand the filters

  • Filters show a snapshot of how many jobs are available in a given category; use filters to quickly narrow the field of jobs.
  • You may apply multiple filter categories to a search (e.g. State and Job Family), but within any filter category, you can only apply one option (e.g., only one state, only one city, only one job family, etc.).
  • Location. There are three location filter categories, State, Region, and City, and no more than one option can be selected from each category. You do not have to select a state or region before selecting a city; however, due to the large number of cities in which Wells Fargo has job openings, we recommend that you filter by state first and then select your city of interest.


      • Numbers in parentheses next to filter categories — e.g., “California (43)” — indicate how many job openings from your search results are in each filter category.
      • When you click any of the Location filters, the filter values will automatically apply the revised filter setting to show all of the associated job openings with that state, region, and/or city you have selected. For example, if you select North Carolina as one of the locations on the job opening, you may see some job openings in other states in addition to the one you filtered, if the job opening is available in multiple locations.
      • If the Location shown for a job listing is “Multiple,” hiring for that job is being conducted in more than one location. See the Job Description page for details about the specific locations available on the Job Opening.
  • Jobs Posted In. This filter lets you search jobs posted by year and month. Click the year first, then select a month (note: 01 = January, 02 = February, etc.).
  • Job Family. The select list displays Wells Fargo's job categories; if no Job Family filter is applied; all job families are searched by default.
  • Full/Part Time Status. This allows you to search job openings by different statuses: full-time, part-time, or flexible.

I used a common job title in the keyword search but didn't find the jobs I expected. How can I find them?

Our job titles sometimes contain abbreviations or acronyms. You may want to search again using a Job Family filter instead, such as Customer Service, or keywords that are likely to be in the job description.

How do I save a job or a job search?

To save a job or a job search, you first will need to sign on to your profile or create a profile if you have not already done so.

Saving a Job

To save a job after you are signed on, from the Search Results list, click the star icon at the far right of the job listing. You can also click the job title link and then click the star icon in the upper right of the Job Description page. 

Removing a job from your favorite's list:

  • The job remains in the My Favorite Jobs section (found in the navigation links at the top of most pages) until you remove it — even if you apply for it, the opening expires, or it is filled. If a job in your My Favorite Jobs is later filled, its status will be displayed as Filled, and if you attempt to apply for it, a message will inform you that the position is no longer available.
  • To apply for a job in your My Favorite Jobs list, click the checkbox next to the job title and click Apply for Selected Job (or click the job title link and click Apply on the Job Description page). 
  • To delete jobs from your My Favorite Jobs list, click the checkbox next to the job title, click Remove Selected Jobs, then click OK.

Saving a job search (job agents)

Using the Save Search/Job Agent function allows you to use your search criteria again without re-entering each filter selection and/or search criterion. At the time you save a search, you can also set it up as a job agent, which will email job postings alerts to you based on your saved search criteria.

What a job agent does:

  • A job agent runs your search automatically every Monday through Friday evening for a 90-day period. If the search finds any new jobs that meet your criteria, you will receive an email and a message in the My Notifications page accessible through a link (on a tab) at the top of most pages. The next time the agent searches for you, it checks for new jobs added since your last email (you will not receive duplicate emails). The email lists up to 20 new job titles and will tell you if more than 20 jobs were found. To retrieve the job descriptions:
    • Click the job title link in the job agent email you receive; you may also go to the Job Search tool and search for the job by entering its Job Opening ID (shown in the email); or
    • You can log into the system and review your saved search at any time to retrieve the links to all the matching jobs. The link to your saved search appears in the My Saved Searches page. 

To save a search or set up a job agent, start on the main Job Search page.

  • Enter your criteria (including filters), then:
    • Click Save Search/Job Agent; or
    • If you want to complete a search first before saving the criteria, click Search. Then click Save Search/Job Agent when you are ready to save the search.
    • On the Save Search page, name your search.
    • To use this search as a job agent, click the Job Agent: Notify me when new jobs meet my criteria checkbox if it is not already selected. Notifications will be sent to the email address on your profile or you can enter an alternate email address in the field provided on the Save Search page. This will not affect your contact information.
    • Click Save Search.
    • You will be taken to the My Saved Searches page, with your new search listed. Each saved search has an icon to edit the search, an icon to delete it, and a button to run the search.

Return to your saved searches anytime by clicking the My Saved Searches link at the top of most pages.

To stop receiving job agent notifications, go to the My Saved Searches page and click the pencil icon under Edit. On the edit search page, clear the checkbox Notify me when new jobs meet my criteria and click Save Search/Job Agent.

To delete a saved search, go to the My Saved Searches page and click the trash icon under Delete.

To change any part of what you saved, go to the My Saved Searches page and click the pencil icon under Edit. Enter the new criteria (including a new name for your saved search, if you wish) and click Save Search/Job Agent. If you give the saved search a new name, a new saved search will be created, and both saved searches will be available under My Saved Searches. If you don't rename the saved search, your original saved search will be replaced with the new search criteria.

If I sign up for job agent email notifications, will I receive the same job more than once?

No. You will only receive new job postings with each notification.

If I want to continue receiving job agent email notifications after the 90 day expiration, what should I do?

You will have to set up the saved search/job agent again. You will not be notified when the job agent expires. On the My Saved Searches page you can see the date the job agent will expire.


Do I have to agree to the acknowledgement on the Start page of the application process each time I apply?

Yes, each time you apply to a new job opening you will be asked to acknowledge you have read the Risk Management statement. If you do not wish to acknowledge this, you may simply exit the application process.

How can I find out the status of my application?

The application status displayed on your My Activities page (after you are signed on) is the most current information available. Your current status of any job openings you have applied for, and any other available updates will show on the My Activities page. Team members at the Human Resources Services Center do not have access to more information than is available on this page, and they do not have information about why an applicant has been declined for a position. We cannot tell you the name of the hiring manager or put you in touch with the recruiter for the job you applied for.

What is the difference between an application and a profile?

An application is a version of your profile that is linked to a job opening; it is stored as a separate version of your profile. Once you submit an application, no changes can be made. A profile contains the same information, without any association to a job opening. You can edit this.

If I include my resume with my application and/or profile, do I need to enter my work history, education, and other information in the fields?

No, it’s not required, however entering your information directly into those fields is the best way to ensure that your information is searchable by recruiters (in addition to including your resume). It’s particularly important to enter your information directly for two fields: Work Experience and Licenses and Certifications. Recruiters are only able to find your work experience through search when you enter that information directly in the Work Experience field. For the rest of the qualifications fields, you can opt to attach a resume or enter information in the fields, or both.

How do I make changes to a submitted application?

Once you submit an application, no changes to the application or the resume submitted/attached can be made.

How do I delete/remove an old resume?

Due to our regulatory obligations, resumes are not able to be deleted from the system.

Can I apply for more than one job using a single application?

No, you'll need to apply separately to each job opening.

How can I tell if my application was submitted successfully?

You will receive an email informing you that it was successfully received by Wells Fargo and you can confirm this by signing on and going to the My Activities page, where you can view your status in the job opening to which you applied.

I have a Draft application, but I don't want to apply for that job anymore. How do I delete the draft application?

From the My Activities page (accessible from the navigation links at the top of the page when you are signed in), click the Withdraw button next to the draft application, then click OK in the message that pops up. You'll be returned to the My Activities page, and the job(s) you’ve withdrawn from will be removed from the My Activities page. You can still apply for that job later as long as the position is still open and advertised. 

I submitted my application for a job, but no longer want that job anymore. How do I delete my application?

From the My Activities page (accessible from the navigation links at the top of the page when you are signed in), click the Withdraw button next to the application of the job you applied for, then click OK in the message that pops up to confirm your intention to withdraw. On the next pop up screen, select the reason you are withdrawing your application, and click Submit. You'll be returned to the My Activities page, and the job(s) you're no longer applying for will now have a status of "Withdrawn." You cannot apply again for this job opening if you self-withdraw.

When is a job screening assessment required?

Wells Fargo requires job screening assessments for a small number of job types, to determine whether candidates have the appropriate skills, abilities and other characteristics important to success on the job. If you apply for a job that requires an assessment, you must follow the on-screen prompts and/or instructions provided in the assessment related e-mails. Even if you have applied to a similar job previously, it is important that you follow the directions provided for the individual job you are applying to at that time. Screening assessments are hosted by other companies on behalf of Wells Fargo.

  • NOTE: Specific only to Teller or Personal Banker 1 job openings:
    • You will be taken to the Employment Screening page of the Find a Job site immediately after you submit your application.
    • Submitting your application also triggers two emails, both sent to the address in your profile. One email confirms receipt of your application and includes a reminder to complete your screening. The other email contains your customized assessment link; use this link to initiate your screening.
    • You can view your screening requirements and outcomes in the Find a Job tool on the Employment Screening page after you complete the assessment. You can view your assessment outcome anytime on the Employment Screening page, by going to the main Find a Job Search page and clicking View Screening> (Note: You will see the View Screening link only if you have applied to a Teller and/or Personal Banker 1 position in your application history.)

I applied for a job and was directed to another site for a job screening assessment and was subsequently notified that I am no longer being considered. Can I reapply for the job and take the test again?

  • You cannot re-apply to the same job opening.
  • You can apply to different job openings, even with the same job code and title. However, an assessment outcome is valid for a specific period of time, generally six months. Any job opening that has the same assessment will utilize the existing outcome for that period of time. 
  • You can also apply to other jobs, either non-assessed jobs or jobs that use a different assessment. 
  • Note: For Teller or Personal Banker 1 job openings, you can check the valid through date by clicking the View Screening in the navigation links at the top of the page when you are signed in to your profile.

During the application process, I received an onscreen notice and an email telling me that I was ineligible to apply for this position. Can I reapply to this job?

  • If the job is still open and advertised and your eligibility has changed, you can request to be reconsidered by completing and submitting the "Still having difficulties?" online form located at the bottom of the Find a Job search page. Be sure to include the Job ID number and the reason you are asking for reconsideration. If you know the recruiter or hiring manager, you can also make this request directly to either of them.

After submitting my application, I received an email telling me that I was declined for a position. Can I reapply?

No, you cannot reapply for a position if you have been declined for it. Before submitting your application for a position, be sure that you have accurately answered all of the questions in the application process.


Why do I need to register?

You can search for jobs without signing on, but you must register and sign on to:

  • Apply for jobs
  • Create and update a profile
  • Save jobs to My Saved Jobs
  • Use the Save Search feature
  • Receive notifications

You may want to register and set up a profile even before starting your search so that you can make your information searchable by Wells Fargo recruiters.

If I submit my profile and a job matching my skills opens up later, can I expect to hear from
Wells Fargo?

If your profile is searchable, a recruiter can discover your profile when searching the job seeker database for matches to the job qualifications. However, recruiters use a variety of methods to fill jobs. It's best to apply for the jobs that interest you, rather than relying on recruiters to contact you. (To confirm that your profile is searchable, go to the My Account Information page and check your Profile Status at the bottom.)

If my profile is searchable, does that mean if I have a job screening assessment outcome, it is visible to anyone who views my profile?

No, your assessment outcome is only visible in association with the job to which you applied and only by recruiters and the hiring team associated with that job.

How do I update my contact information?

Updates to contact information can be made through the My Account Information located at the top of the page.


Am I required to disclose any information in the Self-Identification sections?

No, it is voluntary to share your disability status, veteran status, gender, and race/ethnicity when applying for a position. Wells Fargo is required to request this information of every job seeker as part of our regulatory obligations.

When job seekers share this information with us, it helps us assess how we are doing with our ongoing compliance and regulatory activities in addition to our diversity and inclusion efforts, which are core values at Wells Fargo.

In the Disability section, you may either select from one of the three options within the federally mandated form or click Next to proceed. In the Veteran section, select an option, or click Next. In the Gender/Race & Ethnicity section, select from the Gender menu, then select the Race/Ethnicity that applies to you. Click Yes or No for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit questions.

Neither the hiring manager nor the recruiter for the position sees your individual responses and your responses do not affect your eligibility or consideration for the position.

Why does Wells Fargo ask job seekers for the information in the Self-Identification sections, and why does Wells Fargo ask on multiple occasions?

As part of our regulatory obligations, Wells Fargo is required by law to ask every job seeker to disclose their disability status, veteran status, gender, and race/ethnicity.

In particular, the disability form in the Self-Identification section that requests job seekers to select one of three options as specified by the federal government. The U.S. Department of Labor, via enforcement of a variety of federal regulations, requires that all covered employers include this disability self-identification form during the pre- and post-offer stages of their application process, and for those who are hired, over the course of employment. As a result, if you apply and are hired by the company you may be asked on more than one occasion to provide this information. You are not required to share the information, but we hope you will choose to answer or validate the information, even if your answer has not changed.

Submission of this information is voluntary and refusal to provide it will not subject you to any adverse treatment. You also may change or deselect prior choices to this question at any time. Information you submit will be treated as confidential. Disclosure and usage will be limited to: (i) supervisors and managers who need to know if you can benefit from work accommodation(s); (ii) first aid and safety personnel when necessary; (iii) government officials auditing compliance with applicable laws; (iv) disclosure where otherwise required by law; and (v) in support of Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity regulations and Wells Fargo Diversity programs.

You are not required to disclose that you have a disability as part of the Self Identification request process. If at any time during your application process you are seeking an accommodation, you may be asked to disclose information about your medical limitations as part of Wells Fargo's Accommodations process.

If you need accessibility or accommodation assistance in the job application or interview process, please contact our Accommodations Management team by telephone at 1-877-255-1606 (voice) or 1-800-988-0161 (TTY), or by submitting an online request using the Accommodations Request Form (PDF). If you are assisting a person with a disability to apply for a job, please complete the Third-Party Accommodations Request Form (PDF).

Will recruiters or hiring managers be able to see my self-identification information if I choose to disclose it?

Recruiters and hiring managers do not see your name associated with any race, gender or disability self-identification information you disclose. This information is used in the aggregate to help us assess the effectiveness of our compliance and regulatory obligations, in addition to Wells Fargo’s diversity and inclusion efforts.

Wells Fargo is committed to increase the number of military veteran Team Members to 20,000 by the year 2020. In support of that effort, recruiting will be able to filter applicants that have self-identified as a military veteran. However, no further details about your military status will be visible.

Can I change my responses in the Self-Identification sections?

Yes, as long as you have not yet submitted your application. After you click Submit, you no longer will be able to change your responses in that application. If you are offered the position, Wells Fargo is required to provide you with an opportunity to confirm or update the responses you submitted regarding your Veteran and Disability status at the time of your application to a job opening.

In addition, you may change your self-identification responses in your job seeker Profile at any time or when applying to a new job opening. These updated responses will appear the next time you apply for an open position with Wells Fargo, and you will have the chance to confirm or update them.

Mobile Apply

Do I need a unique Mobile Find A Job sign on and password if I've already set one up?

No, your user name, password and profile details are shared on both Mobile and Desktop Find A Job platforms along with all other job search and application activities.

Can I start a Find A Job activity on my mobile device and finish it on the desktop?

Yes all activities (login credentials, profiles, searches and applications) are accessible from both the Mobile and Desktop Find A Job platforms.  

Can I save my user name and/or password on my mobile device?

This is a setting on your phone or tablet’s browser.  We don’t recommend saving passwords on any device.

What mobile devices are supported for Mobile Find A Job?

Wells Fargo’s Find A Job application works with most smartphone and tablet/iPad devices using the most recent Android and Apple operating systems, specifically:

  • iPhone/iPad IOS 4.0 & above
  • Android 2.3 & above
  • Blackberry OS 6.0 & above
  • Windows Phone 7 & above

How do I attach a resume/work experience to a job from a mobile device?

You can attach a document from your device or from a cloud storage provider (iCloud, MS OneDrive, GoogleDocs, etc.) if you have an existing account that’s accessible from your device.

Other alternatives for adding your work experience:

  • Add an existing resume already associated with your Find A Job profile
  • Copy and paste your work experience into your Find A Job application
  • Submit without a resume and enter your work experience and skills
  • Save your application as Draft on your mobile device & log in from your desktop and upload a resume on that platform

Can I take a picture of my resume and attach it to my job application?

No – Wells Fargo doesn’t accept a picture of a resume on any platform, mobile or desktop.

I’m using my smartphone or tablet on the Find A Job site, but it does not appear to be designed for mobile devices. The words are tiny and do not resize when I rotate the screen.

Your phone or tablet’s general settings and browser-specific settings often control how you see pages on your device. Check these settings to verify they are set for the best mobile experience. For example, you may want to confirm that your device is not defaulting to a site’s desktop presentation. You may also need to verify that cookies and pop ups are appropriately enabled for the sites you visit.

Accommodations assistance

I am a job seeker with a disability. How can I request assistance in applying for a job?

If you are a person with a disability who requires assistance in applying for a job, Wells Fargo provides accessibility assistance and accommodations to help you through this process. While you are not required to disclose that you have a disability as part of the Self Identification request process, you will be asked to disclose information about your medical limitations if you are seeking an accommodation.

To request assistance, please contact our Accommodations Management team by telephone at 1-877-255-1606 (voice) or 1-800-988-0161 (TTY), or by submitting an online request using the Accommodations Request Form (PDF).

If you are assisting a person with a disability to apply for a job, please complete the Third Party Accommodations Request Form (PDF).

So that we may appropriately assist you with your request, be sure to specify the assistance needed in order to access our Careers site and apply for open positions.

Note: Accessibility or accommodations assistance is reserved for job seekers with disabilities or persons assisting them. Requests that do not involve assisting an individual with a disability, such as solely to follow up on a job application or assistance with non-disability related technical issues, will not receive a response.

I am a job seeker with a disability and have been selected to move forward in the interview process. How can I request assistance in the interview process?

You can inform the Wells Fargo representative contacting you of your specific needs. Or if you prefer, you can contact the Accommodations Management team for assistance by telephone at 1-877-255-1606 (voice) or 1-800-988-0161 (TTY), or by submitting an online request using the Accommodations Request Form (PDF).

Examples of accommodations may include making interview locations accessible, arranging for American Sign Language interpreters, or facilitating alternate methods of communication.

Technical issues

The system timed out while I was applying. Did I lose all my work?

If you don't see the application listed on the My Activities page, you'll have to select the job again and click Apply. To avoid system timeouts, click any activity button (a spinning clock will display) at least once every 20 minutes.

Note: Our secure servers have a time limit. To avoid losing information, be sure to save your information as you work by clicking one of the two buttons below at least once every 20 minutes.

  • Save for Later. Saves entries on the current page but does not go to the next page.
  • Next. Saves entries on the current page and goes to the next page.

Click Exit. If you click Exit while applying, your entries on the current page will not be saved, but any previously saved pages in the application will be stored on the My Activities page and the application will display the Draft status.

How do I change my password or account information?

Sign on using your original username and password. Click My Account Information at the top of the page. From there you can click Change Password or scroll down to change your email address.

If you cannot remember your username or password, visit the Sign On page for instructions.

I am using Internet Explorer 10 or 11 on my computer and I cannot upload my resume. What should I do?

This is a known issue and Microsoft has a patch available on their support page. As an alternative, copy and paste your resume text into the resume text box, rather than attaching a file.

I am using Internet Explorer 5 or 6 on my computer and I am having trouble navigating around the Careers site. What should I do?

Consider upgrading your browser to the most recent version of Internet Explorer. Older browser versions commonly are not able to navigate as smoothly around sites like Careers that are optimized for more recent browser versions.

What type of documents can I attach to my job application or my profile?

You can only attach files with named extensions .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odt, .pdf, .txt

Can I block any site from setting any data on my device?

No. Most Internet Browsers have three settings that allow a user to choose how a website can store content:

  1. Allow local data to be set (recommended)
  2. Keep local data only until you quit your browser
  3. Block sites from setting any data

Selecting the first two options will allow you to use the Mobile and Desktop Find a Job sites.  The third option will prevent you from using the Mobile and Desktop Find a Job sites.  Please see the Wells Fargo Policy on Digital Privacy and Cookies for more information.

What is the Wells Fargo Digital Privacy and Cookies policy?

Please refer to: