Auto Loan and Lease Questions

Auto Loans Questions

Where do I send my payment?
You can make payments through Wells Fargo Online Banking OR you can mail payments to

Wells Fargo
PO BOX 60510
Los Angeles, CA 90060-0510
How do I access my auto loan account online?
Sign up for free access to Wells Fargo Online®. After you sign up and sign on, you can view your account activity, including payments. You can also view statements and perform online transfers from your other Wells Fargo accounts.
How can I make auto loan payments online?
You have several options to make your payments online.
  • Set up automatic payments
  • Make one-time payments or principal-only payments with transfers from your checking or savings account with Wells Fargo or any other financial institution.
  • Make one-time payments or recurring payments from your Wells Fargo checking account with Bill Pay1
What determines my auto loan interest rate?
There are several factors that determine the interest rate for your loan including current financial market conditions, the term you select for your loan, the vehicle, and your credit and financial profile.
How much can I borrow with an auto loan?
Typically, Wells Fargo auto loans $5,000 or greater. The amount of money you are eligible to borrow is based upon several factors including the type of vehicle and your credit and financial profile.
Do I need to make a down payment to be approved for an auto loan?
Generally, a down payment is not required to be approved for an auto loan from Wells Fargo. If a down payment is required in your particular circumstance, we will contact you after you apply.
Are there any penalties if I prepay my auto loan?
No, you may pay off part, or all, of your loan at any time without incurring any penalties.

Auto Lease Questions

What are my options if my Wells Fargo auto lease is coming to an end?
If you are a Wells Fargo leaseholder, you have three options when your lease is coming to an end:
  1. If you would like to keep it, you can purchase your leased vehicle.
  2. In some instances, you may be able to trade in your leased vehicle towards the purchase or lease of a new vehicle.
  3. You can also return your leased vehicle.
Where do I return my leased vehicle?
Unless you have made prior arrangements with our Lease-End Sales Consultants, do not drop off your vehicle at a dealership. You are responsible for the vehicle until it reaches an authorized auction, including maintaining insurance and paying any fees or damages associated with the transportation of the vehicle.
  1. Call a Wells Fargo Lease-End Consultant at 1-800-279-8859 and they will provide the name, address, and phone number of the closest auction location
  2. Before you return your vehicle, please remove all your personal belongings and clean the car inside and out
  3. At your convenience, but before your scheduled lease-end termination date, drop off your vehicle at the auction location (remember, you will need to coordinate a ride home from the auction)
  4. A Wells Fargo representative will contact you if any additional documentation needs to be completed
  5. A final bill will be mailed to you
Can I return the vehicle prior to its scheduled termination date?
Depending on your scheduled lease termination date, there may be a number of options available to you. Please contact a Wells Fargo Lease-End Consultant at 1-800-279-8859 for more information.
How will you determine my final payoff amount?
The following items may be included in your final payoff amount depending on your particular situation:
  • A turn-in fee – the fee covers some of the costs we incur when we take possession of your vehicle. It is listed in your lease agreement.
  • Any official fees or state taxes due. If you currently reside, or have resided in the past in a state that assesses personal property taxes on leased vehicles, you will be sent a separate invoice when, and if, we receive the bill. This bill may arrive after you have received the final invoice or your lease or after you have purchased the leased vehicle.
  • Any outstanding payments.
  • Transportation fee – only if you do not return your vehicle to the auction location specified by Wells Fargo.
  • Excess wear and use charges – only if your vehicle has sustained damage that is not considered normal wear and use.
  • Registration fees.
  • Early termination liability – only if you return your vehicle 60 days or more from the lease termination date.
How will I be charged for any damages to my vehicle?
We will charge you for the estimated cost of damages beyond the reasonable cosmetic or mechanical changes that resulted from day-to-day use of your vehicle. For more information about excess wear and use, please review your lease contract.
1 New, first-time Bill Pay users will not incur monthly fees for two months, starting the month you make your first payment with the service. Monthly fees are $3 per monthly billing cycle beginning the first month you make a payment (includes 25 payments; each additional payment costs $0.40). Monthly fees are waived when you have a qualifying checking account or maintain at least $5,000 in your qualifying personal accounts at all times. For more information about eligible and qualifying accounts, read our Bill Pay Fee Waiver. Charges may apply for same-day payments. Account fees (e.g. monthly service, overdraft, excessive usage) may apply to the account used to make Bill Pay payments. For more information on account fees, please refer to the account agreement you received when you opened your account.