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Alerts Questions

How do I set up, add, or delete alerts?

  1. View your Messages & Alerts inbox (or click the Messages & Alerts tab if you’re already signed on).
  2. Select Set Up/Modify Alerts.
  3. To set up account alerts, choose an account for which you want to add or edit alerts. You’ll also be able to add general and security alerts from this page.
  4. Next, use the check boxes to select or de-select specific alerts. Remember to enter dollar thresholds and frequency of alerts where appropriate.
  5. Click Save.

You can add new alerts or change your preferences anytime. To change or add the email address(es) we will send alerts to, click the Add/Change Email Address button.

What accounts are eligible for alerts?

  • Checking and savings accounts: account activity, balance, and direct deposit alerts 
  • ATM/Debit/Prepaid Card: Card purchases, ATM withdrawals, card decline
  • Credit Card Accounts: unusual activity, balance update, payment reminder, and payment posted alerts
  • Mortgage accounts: payment reminder and payment posted alerts
  • Time Accounts (CDs): reminder when account is maturing
  • Credit cards issued by Wells Fargo Financial National Bank are not eligible for subscription based alerts. Wells Fargo Financial National Bank issued credit cards are typically merchant or industry branded credit cards that consumers apply for through a merchant or service provider. If you’re unsure who your credit card issuer is, please consult your cardholder agreement or your billing statement.

How do I sign up for text alerts?

To receive text alerts on your mobile device: Go to Set Up/Modify Alerts and select the account you would like to monitor via text alerts. You will need to read and accept terms and conditions in order to receive text alerts.

Verify your number by replying “YES ALERTS” to the Welcome text we send to your mobile device.

Once your mobile number is confirmed and you receive our Welcome message, you can select the alerts that you would like to receive.

Can I receive mobile text alerts on any mobile phone?

You can enroll up to two mobile numbers to receive text alerts. Your mobile numbers must:

  • Be registered to you – mobile numbers belonging to friends or family members cannot be enrolled to receive text alerts for your account
  • Be with a domestic carrier – Wells Fargo is unable to deliver text alerts to mobile carriers from outside of the United States
  • Be capable of receiving text messages – some pre-paid and regional carriers may not support text alerts

As long as your mobile phone supports text messaging, you can sign up for text alerts. Please check with your mobile carrier for more details about text messaging and web access charges.

What do I do if I change my mobile number?

To edit or delete your mobile number, click the Manage Mobile Numbers button at the bottom of the Set Up/Modify Alerts screen for the account you would like to monitor via text alerts. Note: The Manage Mobile Numbers button is only available for customers who have enrolled for text alerts.

If you change your mobile number, you will need to re-accept our terms and conditions and verify your new number by replying to our Confirmation message. You will be given the option to have your alerts delivered to your new number.

Note: Removing or editing an existing number will remove that number from your Wells Fargo contact information, and will interrupt any services currently associated with that number (for example: Text Banking).

What does it mean when my mobile number is listed as “disconnected”?

Your number may be listed as disconnected for a number of reasons, including:

  • You entered your number incorrectly
  • Your mobile account is inactive
  • Your carrier plan isn’t set up receive text messages
  • You recently moved your number to a new carrier
  • You recently asked Wells Fargo to change your mobile number

If you aren’t sure why your number is disconnected, consider contacting your carrier directly for more details.

Will I continue to receive text alerts if I change mobile carriers, even if my number remains the same?

When you move your number to a new carrier, your previous carrier sends Wells Fargo a Disconnect message. If you would like to continue receiving text alerts, click the Manage Mobile Numbers button on the Set Up/Modify Alerts screen for the account you would like to monitor via text alerts to re-enroll your number.

How do I turn off text alerts?

There are two ways to stop the delivery of all text alerts:

  1. Text the word “STOP” to WELLS (93557).
  2. Click Manage Mobile Numbers on the Set Up/Modify Alerts page, then click the Disable text alerts link next to your mobile number.

How do I temporarily stop text alerts while I am on vacation?

To suspend the delivery of your alerts, visit the Set Up/Modify Alerts page and deselect your individual alerts. To re-subscribe, simply re-select your alerts.

Is there a fee to use alerts?

No. This service is free to all Wells Fargo Online® Banking customers.

How do I change my email address or add another one?

Add or change your email address by signing on to Update Contact Information (or select the Update Contact Information link on the Account Services page if you’re already signed on). Or you can call 1-800-956-4442.

You will need to update your Bill Pay User Profile separately. To update your address or email address in Bill Pay, sign on to Wells Fargo Online and select User Profile from the Bill Pay menu.

Can I route alerts to my wireless device or cellular phone?

Yes. However, some wireless devices have character limits and you might not see the entire content of the alert. Please check with your wireless provider.

When will I receive my first alert?

Once you choose your alerts and enter the email address(es) you want us to send them to, we send account alerts on the business day which follows an alert triggering event (e.g., when you’re approaching your credit card limit, when a deposit posts to your savings account, when a check has posted, etc.). We do not send alerts on days following bank holidays.

Depending on the type of accounts you have, your alerts will begin one to two business days after you set them up.

Exception: If you have set up the Access Suspended Alert, we will send an alert immediately if an incorrect password has been entered three times and your online access is suspended.

How do I know if I have a new message or alert?

We will send alerts to your external email account or mobile device, as well as your secure inbox. Responses to your customer service questions will go to your secure Messages & Alerts inbox, and we will send you an email notifying you that your response is ready.

View your Messages & Alerts inbox (or click the Messages & Alerts tab if you’re already signed on) to see your messages and alerts. We recommend that you regularly check your secure inbox to ensure you’re receiving all messages and alerts.

Why did I receive a credit card alert today for a transaction that happened on a different day?

Occasionally you will receive an alert for a transaction which you made several days before. There are several reasons why this can occur, the most common of which is a simple delay by the merchant in processing your transaction. When Wells Fargo receives the information related to your transaction, we process it on a nightly basis. The nightly process generates an alert to your email and secure inbox the next business day.

If you see unfamiliar transactions in your alerts, please sign on and go to Account Activity to view your transaction history. Promptly report any unauthorized transactions to Credit Card Customer Service at 1-800-642-4720.

How long do messages and alerts stay in my Messages & Alerts inbox?

A message or alert will stay in your Messages & Alerts inbox until the expiration date shown next to the alert, unless you delete it sooner. To save a message or alert for longer than the expiration date that’s listed next to the message in your inbox, you can copy and paste the text into a word processing document and save it on your computer.

Can I reply to messages and alerts?

You can reply to the messages we send in response to questions you’ve emailed about your account. After opening a message in your secure inbox, click the Reply button to send a message back to Wells Fargo.

For security reasons, you cannot reply to account alerts (balance summary, notification that a check has posted, etc.) we send to your external email or your secure inbox.

I’m not receiving email alerts. What should I do?

There are a few things you should check to determine why you are not receiving email alerts:

  • Visit the Add/Change Email Address page to verify that your email address is correct.
  • Visit the Set Up/Modify Alerts page to verify that you’ve checked the correct box to send alerts to your email address.
  • Check to see if your alerts are being put in your spam or bulk folders. If alerts appear in your spam or bulk folders, please consult the help section of your email program to determine how to change the settings that filter or block email.
  • Add Wells Fargo to your address book to ensure that alerts go to your regular inbox. You’ll see our address in the alert.
  • Check your secure inbox to ensure an alert was generated for the account. All alerts are always sent to your secure inbox.

What kind of response time can I expect on emails I send to Customer Service?

We make every attempt to respond to our customers within 24 hours of receiving your question via email.

Why do you send responses to my questions to the Messages & Alerts inbox?

Messages & Alerts is the most reliable and secure way for you to receive messages from Wells Fargo that may include account numbers and other personal information. Since you have to sign on to Wells Fargo Online to view your messages, it ensures that you are the only one viewing the messages.

What are Push Notifications?

Push Notifications are for Wells Fargo Online® Banking customers who have an Apple iOS or Google Android device (phone or tablet) and the Wells Fargo Mobile Banking Application installed.  They can receive “push” versions of some existing online banking alerts.

How do I sign up and receive Push Notifications?

  • Download and update the latest version of the Mobile Banking Application
(iOS users Select Ok when the enable push notification message is displayed.  Android users automatically have push notifications enabled)
  • Launch the Wells Fargo Mobile Banking Application and select Activate
  • Navigate to the Push Settings and slide to On to receive automatic and subscription notifications
(iOS notifications can appear as pop up messages or banners, displayed in the notification center and lock screen. Android notifications appear as a banner and in the drop down notification drawer)

What kinds of Push Notifications are sent?

  • Subscription alert (e.g. Balance Threshold notification)
  • Account specific automatic alerts ( e.g.  Overdraft Insufficient funds, Student Loan payment, Mobile Remote Deposit Capture Success)
  • Security and general alerts ( e.g. Password change, Username change, Contact information update)

How to turn off Push Notifications?

There are four ways to turn off Push notifications:  

  1. Within the Wells Fargo Mobile Banking Application, go to the Push Settings page and slide Off to stop receiving both subscription and automatic notifications
  2. From an iOS device, go to the Notification Center Settings and change the “Alert Style”, “Show in Notification Center” and “Show on Lock Screen”
  3. From an Android device, go to the Settings and turn off notifications
  4. When logged into Online Banking, you can go to the Alerts Setup/Modify area to uncheck the push delivery of subscription alerts.
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