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Fees Questions

For additional information about fees specific to your account, see the Consumer Account Fee and Information Schedule or the Business Account Fee and Information Schedule as applicable.

Is there a charge to access my accounts through Wells Fargo Online®?

No. There's no fee for accessing your accounts online.

What is an overdraft fee?

An overdraft fee is assessed when an item such as a check, debit card purchase, or other transaction presented for payment is paid by the Bank even though the available balance in your deposit account is less than the amount of the item. If an item is returned unpaid, we do not charge a fee, however, the payee or merchant may charge fees for returned items.

What is a cashed/deposited Item returned unpaid fee?

If you cash or deposit an item into your account, and it is returned to the Bank for any reason, such as if the account it was drawn on did not have enough money to cover the item, your account will not be charged a fee.