The Greenhouse idea began with you

You wanted an easier way to manage spending. We created the GreenhouseSM app to help guide you toward your goals.

AboutThe Greenhouse Story

Our origins

Our mission to help connect people to their financial goals hasn’t changed since the time of the iconic six-horse stagecoach and ocean-to-ocean express. We’ve grown a lot in 160+ years, and today we continue our commitment to helping our customers succeed financially.

Our idea

Money management can be tough when income isn’t as predictable as a regular paycheck, or when unexpected expenses pop up. This is where a few reminders and organizing tools, as well as the right dose of encouragement, can go a long way to help things stay on track.

We created the Greenhouse experience to meet these customer needs.

Our research

We conducted extensive research to understand the needs of people struggling with day-to-day money management. We had in-depth conversations where we learned that people work hard to stay on top of their finances. But they want an easier way – and some helpful tools – to set money aside, pay bills, and manage their spending.

Our promise

Everyone deserves the peace of mind that comes from knowing which bills are covered and how much is left to spend – at any given time.

And it doesn’t stop there. We’ll continue to build tools that will help our customers be successful.

This is your bank, growing with you, right in the palm of your hand.

Your bank, in the palm of your hand

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