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Rebuilding Your Credit – Video


Even if you’ve had credit trouble in the past, you can improve your credit.

A positive trend will appear in your history right away, and show that you’re back on track. Recent history is more important to your credit score, so the sooner you start, the better. The most important thing is to get back to making your payments on time. At least the minimum on all of your accounts. If you can, paying more than the minimum is even better.

Also, try to avoid closing the accounts you’ve had open the longest. Your credit history looks better if you have a lengthy history with at least one lender.

If you’re having trouble qualifying for credit, a secured credit card may be an option. It’s a good way to start to use credit again and when you make your payments on time, you’ll begin rebuilding your credit history.

If you follow these steps, your credit score should steadily improve with time. Together, we can get you back on the path to good credit.