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Lower Your Monthly Payments – Video


We've all got reasons for wanting a little extra cash each month – like saving for your kids’ education, your retirement, or even just doing something special with your family.

So how do you make room in your budget for a little more? One way is to lower your monthly loan payments – one step at a time.

First up: make a list of all your loans, like credit cards, car loans, or student debt.

Once you have that info, contact your lender to see if you can refinance or consolidate one or more of your loans at a lower interest rate, which could lower your monthly payments.

You can also look into consolidation, which is when you take out one new loan at a lower rate or a longer term to pay off several existing loans.

Not able to lower your interest rates? You can try to lower your monthly payments by extending the term of your loan. A longer loan term may result in a lower monthly payment, which may result in more interest paid over the life of a loan.

But with lower monthly payments, you can get some extra cash each month – perfect for an outing with the family.

It's easy to do when you take it one step at a time.

Contact Wells Fargo to learn more.