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A Personalized Guide to Your Credit Options

Ready to explore your credit options?

With My Credit Options Guide® tool, you can create a customized summary of the credit options that may help meet
your needs — including each product’s key features, rates, and fees.

Gain more control over your financial future

My Credit Options Guide is a free credit education tool available to Wells Fargo customers that allows you to enter information about your financial situation and create a guide that shows you interest rates, fees, and product options that may be available to you based on your inputs. It's a powerful way to prepare for your next big financial goal.

View an example (PDF)

My Credit Options Guide is:

  • In-depth - Find available interest rates, fees, debt-to-income (DTI) ratio information, financial education tips and more.
  • Personalized - Based on the input you provide, the information is customized to your situation and credit needs.
  • Yours to keep - Review your results and keep them for your records. You can also share your completed guide with a banker to discuss your credit options at any of our branch locations.

Getting started is easy:

To get started on your guide, you will need to enter:

  • Your credit need and amount
  • Your income, assets, and expenses
  • Your approximate credit score or rating

Complete your guide today

Click below to create your guide online or make an appointment with a banker to complete a guide in one of our branch locations.

Take a look inside your guide

My Credit Options Guide breaks your information down into 3 simple sections: Self-Assessment, Product Options, and Next Steps. Check out a sample guide (PDF) and take a look at what you can expect to see in each area.


Simply answer a series of brief questions to help determine what options may fit your needs. You'll also need to provide an estimate of your income and expenses so the tool can provide you with your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio.

Wells Fargo considers different ratios, depending on the size, purpose, and type of loan. Your particular ratio, in addition to overall monthly debt, will be weighed when we look at your situation.

Product options

Based on the information you've provided, including the financial goals you're pursuing, you'll see the Wells Fargo products that are available options to help you achieve those goals, as well as benefits, considerations, interest rates, and payments.

Next steps

Once you've completed your guide, you're ready to start making a plan for what's next. This section will help you keep track of the decisions you need to consider as you better understand your borrowing options and take more control of your financial future. 

What kind of information do I need to input to determine my options?

You will answer some questions about your personal situation and preferences. Complete the information about your specific credit needs, assets, accounts, payments, income, and range of your credit score to determine the options that may meet your needs.

What kind of information will I receive in the guide?

After answering some questions about your financial situation, you will receive a personalized, printable guide that contains product and educational information on potential credit options that may meet your needs. There is never a credit check completed, and there is no obligation to apply for a product associated with the guide.

How do I access the My Credit Options Guide assessment tool?

The My Credit Options Guide tool is available for all Wells Fargo customers in our branches or through Wells Fargo Online®. It can be accessed while in your Wells Fargo Online session or by clicking on the links to the guide on this page.

Are there credit options that the guide does not cover?

Yes. The guide does not cover mortgage purchase loans or small business products.

What happens if I cannot complete my guide in one sitting?

Sign back in at a time that's more convenient for you and pick up where you left off.

Can I access my completed guide at a later date?

Yes. Wells Fargo Online customers can access their completed guides by signing on to Wells Fargo Online and accessing the More menu, select Financial Planning - Plan and Learn.

Is a credit check involved?

No. My Credit Options Guide relies on your self-assessment to determine possible credit options.  A credit check is never completed and My Credit Options Guide is not an application for credit.

Is the My Credit Options Guide the same as a credit application?

No. My Credit Options Guide is not a credit application or meant to be a denial or approval of credit.  The accuracy of the guide is based on the accuracy and completeness of the information you enter.

Does the tool provide more than one option?

It could. Depending on your situation, up to ten product options could be displayed in the guide. There is also the possibility that no product options could be displayed based on the information entered.

I completed a guide, and no product options were returned. What should I do?

There may be times when no options are returned. We encourage you to talk with a banker for a complete needs assessment to ensure all options are properly explored, and we have all of your relevant information.

Wells Fargo Online® customers Create Your Guide

If you're not yet a Wells Fargo Online customer, please explore Borrowing and Credit for borrowing options.