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Learn More: Financial Education

Everyone — from adults to children — can benefit from increasing their familiarity with money and how it works. Learn more about financial education below.

Smart money tips

A financial education delivers benefits at any stage of life:

  • It will build valuable money management habits with your children and lay the foundation for lifelong financial responsibility and security
  • It will help you take control of your finances and show your children how to put their money to work earlier in life

Tools and accounts

The Hands on Banking® program provides easy-to-understand free, fun online financial education for everyone from fourth graders to adults. This information can be found online at

Learn how to:

  • Budget and use money management tools
  • Use credit responsibly
  • Invest for the future

Online Credit Card Education is also very popular.

Learn about:

  • Credit card basics
  • Establishing and managing credit
  • Managing your Wells Fargo College Visa® Credit Card

Wells Fargo's financial education tools include: