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Wells Fargo Visa® Gift Card Bulk Order Purchase Agreement

Effective 8/13/16 Wells Fargo is no longer selling gift cards. Existing cards will be able to be used until the funds are gone or the card expires.
  1. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., will electronically debit the Wells Fargo deposit account listed on this form for the full order amount when the order is submitted for processing. Credit cards cannot be used for bulk purchases. If sufficient funds in the account are unavailable to process the purchase, the transaction will be rejected.
  2. Purchaser is responsible for safeguarding the Wells Fargo Visa® Gift Card (“gift card”) until delivery to the intended recipients. The gift card should be treated as cash and secured and delivered accordingly.
  3. Terms and conditions of the gift card contained in the Wells Fargo Gift Card Agreement (the “Agreement”) are available on the Help section of the gift card website at Purchasers are responsible for understanding the Agreement before placing their bulk order. This understanding includes the usage instructions for purchases greater than the amount of the available balance on the gift card, purchases at gas stations, and purchases at restaurants.
  4. Once an order has been submitted, no changes or cancellations may be made to the order.
  5. Purchaser is responsible for retaining a copy of this order form as its proof of purchase.
  6. All bulk sales of gift cards are final and gift cards cannot be refunded, returned, or exchanged, unless lost or stolen.
  7. Purchaser (and not Wells Fargo) is responsible for any delivery problems or delays caused by the purchaser entering an incorrect or incomplete shipping address (such as a missing suite or floor number). These errors can delay the delivery of purchaser’s gift card order and purchaser can incur additional shipping charges as a result.
  8. Purchaser must retain a copy of the packing slip with gift card numbers through gift card expiration date. Packing slip will be enclosed with shipment of gift cards. Purchaser is responsible for recording the names of the gift card recipients and the gift card number assigned to them. Provision of a gift card number(s) when reporting lost, stolen, or destroyed gift cards will allow for faster and easier replacement of the gift cards. Replacement gift cards can only be issued personalized, i.e., in the name of a specific individual, not in the name of the purchaser. Note that the replacement fee as outlined in the Agreement must be deducted from the remaining balance on the gift card.
  9. Gift cards may not be resold by purchaser.
  10. The Wells Fargo name, logo, and likeness, including that of the Wells Fargo Visa® Gift Card, shall not be used in any advertisements, promotional materials, and activities created or sponsored for the purpose of communicating or marketing purchaser’s products or services by purchaser, except as pre-approved, in writing, by Wells Fargo.
  11. No advertising or promotional language, political statements, telephone numbers, provocative materials, branded products, or copyrighted materials may be embossed on the gift cards.
  12. Purchaser is responsible for distributing all gift card materials for each gift card, including the Agreement to each recipient. Purchaser is aware that the gift card recipient must call the Customer Service phone number from within the U.S. to activate the gift card. Card customer service via phone is only available within the U.S.
  13. Purchaser is aware that gift cards can only be used to purchase goods and services within the U.S.
  14. The holder or registered owner of the gift card, and not necessarily the purchaser, is the owner of the funds loaded on the gift card. Purchasers shall not be given access to the transaction history or allowed to reissue the gift cards in their own name. Gift cards are not an appropriate product to use if the purchaser wishes to monitor transactions.