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Review Your Insurance Annually

Protect what you value

Why it’s important

You work hard for yourself and your loved ones. Protecting what you value doesn’t have to be as hard. To help secure yourself financially and protect those you love, there are a few types of insurance that everyone should consider, such as homeowners or renters, auto, life, and umbrella insurance. 

It’s a good idea to review your coverage once a year. Keep in mind that insurance needs change as your life changes, so you should also review your insurance whenever big events happen, such as moving, getting married, starting a family, or changing jobs.

What you can do: Take a fresh look at your insurance

Since no one can predict the future, it is a good idea to review the different insurance coverages that are available to you to determine what you may need. To get started, assess what you want to protect and select the coverage that applies. It might be time to take a fresh look at your insurance.

You might also want to consider creating a home inventory to manage a list of your belongings. This will help you calculate value to determine the right amount of personal property coverage to purchase, and will create a record for insurance purposes.


When you’re choosing a plan, many insurance companies will give you a discount for bundling your policies with them.