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Pay Yourself First

Prioritize savings to help you get ahead

Why it’s important

If you deposit or move money into your savings account every time you get paid, you may be less likely to spend it on your everyday expenses. This practice can help you foster a habit of saving that will add up over time and help you be prepared for large or unexpected expenses.

A good target is to save 5 – 10% of your take-home pay and put it toward your savings goals. Saving even $25 or $50 a month is one small step you can take to help you get into the habit.

By paying yourself first, you make saving a top priority.

What you can do: Automatic transfer

A quick way to begin paying yourself first is by setting up an automatic transfer to a savings or retirement account every time you receive a direct deposit, like a paycheck.


Ask your employer to split your paycheck into two accounts, with the majority placed into checking and a portion into savings.

  • If you’re a Wells Fargo customer, it’s easy to transfer money into your savings when you have a checking account. Simply sign on to your account, and look for the Transfer and Pay tab to get started.
  • If you don’t already bank with us, check out a Way2Save® Savings account as a way to start the habit of saving automatically.


Steps to building savings

Learn three steps to help build savings by setting tangible savings goals, starting now with automatic transfers, and spending smarter every day.

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