With all of your competing priorities, it can be tough to make sure your insurance policies are keeping up with the changes in your life. That’s why it’s helpful to check in periodically to see how life’s twists and turns may have impacted your insurance needs.

You might be ready for an auto insurance makeover if…

  • You’ve seen a drop in the distance you drive
  • You’ve gone several years without a ticket or an accident
  • You were married
  • You added auto policies
  • You improved your credit score

All these events can qualify you for better rates. When looking at your policies, make sure you’re still happy with the level of coverage you originally selected. For instance, if you have an inexperienced driver in the family, you may want to look into more comprehensive coverage, at least for the short term.

You might be ready for a homeowners insurance makeover if…

  • You’ve made major renovations, such as finishing your basement or adding a porch
  • You’ve made a high-value purchase such as a piece of fine art or jewelry
  • You’ve added a security system or service

The amount of homeowners insurance you need varies based on how much it would cost to rebuild your home. You should re-evaluate your coverage every year to adjust for changes in building costs or new items purchased, and to accommodate potential fluctuations in your home’s value.

You might be primed for a health or life insurance makeover if…

  • You have life insurance through your employer – in this case, it can be helpful to look at these policies every year
  • You stopped smoking or lost weight – you may qualify for lower premiums
  • You changed jobs or are planning for a baby – you may require additional coverage

If you stay on top of your coverage as your life changes and your family grows, you can feel confident that your insurance coverage will change and grow with you. This worksheet (PDF)* can help.

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