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True or false: If you’re a college student, you automatically are guaranteed to have your possessions fully covered while living on campus?

Insurance… When we’re in college, it’s the one thing we don’t need to think about. Or is it? Between registering for classes and moving into your new home away from home, insurance probably isn’t top of mind. However, it’s possible we’re no longer insured on our parents’ plans - especially auto policies. Trust me, the time to find out is not after you get in an accident. So, check it out. Is their coverage still good for you while you’re away at school?

Another thing to think about is campus crime. Recently, there were over 20,000 burglaries on U.S. college campuses in a single year. So, protecting things like your laptop, cell phone, bike, and all those expensive textbooks is pretty important. It’s called Renter’s Insurance, and a good policy doesn’t cost that much per month. About $20, the cost of about four lattes. And get this, renter’s insurance can even cover your stuff getting stolen or damaged during a party…definitely worth considering.

So, what’s the key thing to know? If we take a minute to think about our auto and renter’s insurance, it could save us a lot of headaches down the road. And who needs headaches, this is college!

The answer to our quiz question is False: coverage is not automatically guaranteed. Be sure to check in with your parents about their policy or speak with an agent to get the scoop. I’m Sophie Nolan for My Financial Minute - check back often to continue the conversation.

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