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How much food does the average American throw away?

A. 20%  B. 6%  C. 52%  D. 71%

Stick around for a minute and get the answer.

Food… We can’t live without it. And it tops the list of things we spend money on. Yet, it’s also the one place we spend money that we can really control. It turns out we spend half of our annual food budget at restaurants. On average, about $2,500 per year. So, this is one place we can really save. Restaurants often offer less expensive lunch menus. So, we can get the same great food at a lower price – just by going at lunch time instead of dinner. And imagine what you can save if you put half of the money you spend eating at a restaurant into a savings account. You would have over $1,200 a year. That’s about $23 a week.

By taking a few simple steps, we can make a serious cut in our spending, without cutting out the good things in life. So, how much food does the average American throw away? The answer is A.

In future episodes of My Financial Minute, we will show you even more ways you can save your hard earned dollars – and make them grow. I’m Sophie Nolan, check back often to continue the conversation.

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