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Cómo establecer un buen crédito – Video (en inglés)

Transcript: how-to-build-good-credit-video-mp4

Building good credit habits is really important. Here’s why.

Everything on your credit accounts is tracked. When you pay. When you don’t pay. How much you pay. How much you owe. All of it.

So to build and maintain good credit, you have to use it wisely. The most important thing you will do for your credit history is pay your bills. On time, every time.

To help you remember, you can put a reminder on your calendar or phone, or you can even set up automatic payments. If you do accidentally miss a payment, make it as soon as possible. Then make a point of staying on top of future ones. 

If you follow these rules and use your credit responsibly, you’ll be on the path to good credit.