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Making Sense of Ways To Avoid Having Your Debit Card Declined

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Transcript: Wells Fargo presents - Making sense of ways to avoid having your debit card declined

Having your debit card declined can definitely cause a hitch in your hectic life – especially if it happens when you’re standing in line at a busy grocery store or paying for the meal you just finished.

If it’s important to you to avoid having your debit card declined, consider these three options.

First, use our free and convenient tools to check your balance before you make purchases. It’s easy to view your current available balance through online, mobile or text banking. You can even enroll in balance alerts to have a text or email sent when your balance reaches a level you set. The available balance you see is the same balance we’ll use to determine if you have enough money for your next purchase. Remember that the available balance you see through these tools includes only the transactions Wells Fargo knows about, so it is important to keep track of any pending transactions you have made that haven’t posted to your account yet.

Second, you can enroll in Overdraft Protection. This links other Wells Fargo accounts – like your savings account or credit card – to your checking account to cover your transactions when you don’t have enough money in your checking account. If there are enough funds in the linked accounts, we can temporarily add them to your checking account so you can continue with your purchase. If you then deposit or transfer enough money into your checking account that same business day before the posted cut-off time, we won’t need to transfer the funds, and you won’t have to pay an Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee.

Third, Wells Fargo offers an optional back-up plan to help you avoid having your debit card declined. With Debit Card Overdraft Service, at our discretion we may approve ATM and everyday debit card transactions even if you don’t have enough money in your checking account or accounts linked for Overdraft Protection. With this service, you will be able to continue with your debit card purchase, but your account will have a negative balance, and you will be charged an overdraft fee of $35.

Again, you can avoid overdraft fees by making sufficient deposits or transfers into your account before the posted cut-off time on the same business day.

Here are some important things to remember about Debit Card Overdraft Service:

  • It’s an optional service. If you don’t enroll, we’ll never charge you an overdraft fee for everyday debit card or ATM transactions.
  • If you don’t have enough money in your account, these transactions will be declined.
  • Also, remember that recurring, automatic debit card payments (such as your gym membership) are different from everyday debit card or ATM transactions.
  • We may continue to authorize or pay these recurring transactions into overdraft, at our discretion, and overdraft fees will apply.

Still have questions about how to avoid having your debit card declined? Stop by your local Wells Fargo for a conversation with your neighborhood banker.

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