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Budgeting - the first step toward financial success

Do you know where your money goes? Budgeting and tracking your spending can help you find opportunities to reduce unnecessary expenses. The money you save can be used to help you reach your financial goals, such as buying a new house or car, paying down your debt, taking a much-needed vacation, or putting aside funds for your future.

My Spending Report with Budget Watch is a free online tool that automatically tracks your deposits, categorizes your spending, helps you easily create a budget, and allows you to monitor your progress toward monthly budget goals—for more control over your finances.
To get started, follow these three easy steps:
  • Start saving now! It’s easy to save for your goals and monitor your progress online with My Savings Plan®, a free online tool for Wells Fargo customers. Simply set your savings goal, including the amount you want to save and the target date for achieving your goal, and let My Savings Plan do the rest.
  • You can also set up an automatic transfer from checking to savings, and use the progress bar in My Savings Plan to track your progress as you get closer to reaching your goal. You can start small if you need to, include the automatic transfer as part of your budget, and increase the size of your transfer over time as you reduce your expenses.
  • Manage your debt. Looking for a way to get out from under your debt? The Wells Fargo Debt Pay Down Solution leverages multiple Wells Fargo products that work together to help you reduce debt faster and start saving for your future.
What you need to get started
To take control of your finances using My Spending Report with Budget Watch, please open a Wells Fargo checking account or apply for a Wells Fargo credit card1.

If you already have an account and are enrolled in Wells Fargo Online®, simply sign on to your Account Summary and click the My Spending Report tab to get started.

1 Subject to credit qualification.